64gb Micro SD card

what should the format be on the 64 gb micro sd card? NTFS or something else… when i put in the micro sd card in the dash cam the light is purple and 3 beeps is heard. please help. Thanks

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Hello @Ryan_Salinas
You could reformat the SD card using the Dash Cam.

  1. Insert the SD card.
  2. Power up the device.
  3. Long press till you hear a beep. This turns off the device.
  4. Long press the button for 9 secs. You will see a blue light flashing and then turns to constant white.

thanks for sharing this info this worked great on solving my problem, i emailed tech support and the info they gave me was no help at all Dan E. just kept telling me to reformat my card to FAT32 so i assumed i had to do this with my computer which was not an option it didnt work at all i tried telling him that but all i got was the same email reworded i was ready to return the camera