About the Smart Dash Cam category

With the integration of ZUS Smart Driving Assistant App, ZUS Smart Dash Cam provides solid evidence for accident and helps with car insurance claims. Equipped with a camera chip and image sensor which allows recording high-quality videos, it is a perfect travel companion.

  • Camera Angle: 140 degrees to have a vision of 3 lanes while maintaining HD video quality.
  • Emergency Recording: Built-in adjustable G-sensors that can be triggered by sudden motion or impact. Once triggered, the device goes into emergency recording automatically.
  • Video Recording Loop: Most common setting viewed via the free ZUS Smart Driving Assistant (available on iOS/Android) App. Downloadable via ZUS app.
  • Sound Recording: Closed by default to protect driver privacy and can be activated at any time in the ZUS app.
  • Auto System Time: Automatically synchronize with smartphone’s system time when Wi-Fi is connected.
  • Video Storage: Supports Micro SD capacity of 16GB to 64GB and class 10 version or above.
  • File Management: Real-time footage is unavailable when in the file management page in the ZUS app.
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, able to download video files without consuming any roaming data.
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