After install can't lock the car

Goodday Nonda,

After installing and pairing the health monitor. I can’t remote lock my car anymore :o how to fix this.

Pleaseee help.

If you remove the Health Monitor from the ODB port, can you remote lock the car again?

Hi Roland well it’s a flaw at myn car I can’t remove the obd before I remove 2 other connections only to remove those connections I have to unscrew certain caps. I am about to do that today so I will keep you updated.

Hé Roland the obd drained myn battery so that’s why that myn remote locking wasn’t working anymore.

Seems to be a common problem, that the Health Monitor either drains the battery, or generates a short circuit and fries the electrical system in a car.

No statement from Nonda until now to those problems. What car make/model/year do you have?

Hé Roland, oke but why isn’t there a big warning at the purchase of this item if it is a common problem. I bought 2 for both our cars. But it seems atm a waste of money because I am not going to use it now. And probably throw them away if they give this kind of problems. the car that gave the problem is fiat/stilo sport 1.6/2004 and a VW/polo 1.2/ 2012 and a Subaru/Impreza sti 2.5 hatchback/2009.

I don’t know why Nonda is still selling the health monitor if it causes those problems. You would have to ask Nonda this question.

Judging on the entires in this user forum, there are empty batteries in cars, defective ODB2 ports and fried electrical systems. And with various brands, makes and models of cars.

Hello @Sam_van_der_Wal Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Seems like a compatible issue. Do you mind I ask the Customer Service agent to follow up with you directly?
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Hello Julieta

Can you (or somebody else at Nonda) post a statement how Nonda is dealing with the various destructive damages some of the Vehicle Health Monitors are causing (as described in this forum: empty batteries, melting and burning ODB2 connectors when Health Monitor is plugged in, fried electrical systems, blown fuses, etc.)?

I do not think that you do yourself a favour in staying quite about those issues…

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Hello Roland,
As you can see, here in the forum, it’s a place where users will post all kinds of issues they encounter with nonda/ZUS products/software. That’s the basic reason a forum like this exists. We all bring our problems here. I’m not going to tell you how many other satisfied users we have as this will sound like bragging to you. But seriously, here at we bring the problems and I will try my best to offer solutions. If it’s compatibility issues, we will follow up and refund the user. Every single case is followed up in our Zendesk help center. The only issue I had, and it is really my fault is that I don’t have much time replying to you all, but I forward all the issue cases to our Customer Service Team.

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Hey Julieta, thanks for answering I didn’t know where to turn for this major problem. Because I am from the Netherlands and can’t really call anyone from nonda. I have all the other stuff from you guys very pleased with it. Only this time it cost me a lot of money to fix myn 2 cars. I hope to hear from you what you can do.

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I don’t know Julieta, but your Vehicle Health Monitor frying the electrics of a car and melting the ODB2 plug (different user, not Sam_van_der_Wal) warrants at least a pinned comment on the board that Nonda knows about this issue, and that everybody with this problem should contact the customer support team, in my opinion.
You might learn a thing or two from HP, Lenovo or another big electronics manufacturers. Recalls would be another thing coming to mind, which is industry standard practice in case of danger to the customer or his property!

Oh, and before you say: “We have followed up with this user and the problem was … xxxx”: If that’s the case, the post it here! Leaving it unresolved on the forum just means other people stumbling over it while reading through the forum entries will get a bad impression of that specific product.

Same story, by the way, with the tire pressure sensors, which corroded and meant people have to go to their retailer to completely cut the valve-stems off, damaging their tires in the process. Was that ever resolved? If yes, I clearly missed the memo flying around anywhere on the forum!

Only having a forum is not enough Julieta, you also have to interact with it and resolve issues from it, if you are present on the forum. It would be a different story, if it were clear that nobody at Nonda is participating on the forum. But you’re clearly here, so… see above.

If you see that differently, fine, no problem. It’s not my reputation and not my company.


This company and everything it sells is crap. I’ve never seen a forum so filled with unhappy customers.