AIKO Beta Round II — Submit your final review here!

ATTENTION This thread is for your FINAL review. If you haven’t really used it yet, you can post your review later or edit and add something new while you are using it.

Thank you for your intrepid spirit and hard work during the Beta testing phase of AIKO. We appreciate the feedback you’ve given thus so far, and are looking forward to seeing your reactions as you test additional content.

Though AIKO beta test draws to a close, AIKO is not yet finalized, and some options are still under development and may not be completed or finalized. Please feel free to submit any issues or feature requests and comments in this forum so we may resolve them for our product.

We would also be very grateful for your answers to the following questions:

  1. Please rate AIKO on a scale of 1 – 5:
    5–Excellent 4–Good 3–Fair 2–Unsatisfactory 1–Poor

  2. In your own words, what are the things that you like most about AIKO?

  3. What are the things that you are not satisfied with AIKO? Will you please describe why and how to improve it?

  4. Are there any other comments about AIKO you would like to add?

Again, thank you for sharing your experience with us. :relaxed:

Well, I just received the Aiko and paired it with my phone. Since the app was not approved yet by Apple, I had to download it from the Aiko website and then “Trust” the app. I’m guessing in the future, you can get this from the AppStore or PlayStore without having the “trust” issue. Now since I haven’t lost my keys yet, I haven’t really utilized it the way it was intended. I have only played around with it and it seems to work as advertised. The design is nice. Could be a little thinner but fine the way it is. This will definitely be on my luggage the next time I travel.

On a scale of 1-5, I’d give it a 4. Can’t give it a 5 because I haven’t really used it yet.

I would rate the AIKO a 5 so far. I just received it and love it. It is a cool design and very sleek. If you could choose to purchase it in different colors and metal ring options I would give it a 7! I have asked my fiancee to hide my phone and my keys randomly from me, as I have not lost them yet myself since receiving the AIKO, and I was able to find them every time. So far so good. I would say my favorite part of the device is I can find either my phone or my keys assuming I have not lost/misplaced both of them at the same time. I am going to Chicago in a little over and month and will use it on my luggage. My fear is that it will break because TSA is not exactly careful with our luggage and I have a hard case suitcase. We shall soon see if it stands up to TSA’s brutality.

  1. I give Aiko a4.5 right now
    2.The pairing was easy. I am sure the app will be available on Google play soon.
    I like the design . I like that it gives a warning when you are separated from the keys.
    I also like the feature to find your phone.I like this a lot better than Tile.
  2. maybe add a ring to it and a variety of colors and a way to charge the battery
  3. I will be trying this on my luggage when I go to Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks

I received my AIKO yesterday. I’d give the AIKO a 4 so far. I downloaded the APP, synched the AIKO with my phone and attached it to my key ring. Other than playing around with it a little, I have not as yet had the opportunity to put it into action.

I like the size and simplicity of the AIKO.

I would have liked to received some sort of start-up instructions, rather than just, “download the APP”…
I understand how to use the AIKO on my keys, but am not sure how you would attach one to your luggage (just store it inside? Not sure if the BEEP would be loud enough). I have no idea how you would use it to find a lost phone, which is the item I seem to misplace the most. The fact that you must simply replace once the battery wears out is wasteful. Obviously, this unit should be rechargeable.

I thought it was going to come in the gold color, which would have matched my iPhone/Macbook, but the burgundy color matched my keyring, so that worked out after all.

Here’s my “working” review. It’s definitely not final.

I received my unit yesterday, installed the software (forgot to activate motion tracker and had to go back in again,) and began using it.

I like the size and shape. I’m fine with the color and gold ring. If it were up to me, I’d prefer black as something more discrete. And like some of the other trackers, I’d prefer some kind of tactile feed back that let me know I’ve pressed the ‘Q’ button. The alert volume seems reasonable. I could hear it in the same room, but possibly not under a couch cushion. And Aiko seems especially good at reacquiring signal when separated from the handset. That said, I had only fair results in using Aiko to find my phone. On all three levels of our home, it really only worked reliably when Aiko and the phone were in the same room, within line of sight. This is probably my top use-case so I’d only be able to rate Aiko at 3/5 right now.

I need to do more testing. Really not a fair sample yet … but was delighted to receive Aiko and wanted to get something up as a small way of saying “thank-you. It’s a great chance to be part of your process.”


We spent about 10 hours in the car this past weekend, my phone and Aiko within 18" of each other the entire time. About once an hour, the phone alert would sound, and say that my iPhone and Aiko had been disconnected. Not a big deal, though my snoozing wife was not happy to be awakened. Suspect this is a bug somewhere and something that can easily be fixed. My take would be that the fewer the “false alarms” the more likely an individual is to use Aiko. Once an hour, is probably too many.


Here’s another thought … Why not a “timed sleep” function. Meaning … for those times when you are running around the house or the yard and don’t need to be reminded that your Aiko and phone are disconnecting. How about a 30, 45, 60 minute break from alerts? I could see something similar with a Geofence, but I’d been in the minority here … I don’t really misplace my phone at home. I’m more worried about walking away from it at work.

And one more:

Wanted to say that I use the Aiko as a key fob, slipping it behind my belt. Find this very handy.

Q1: 4/5

Q2: I like the beep sound of AIKO, I also love the fact it is waterproof. The design is all great, because it has its own key ring.

Q3: I don’t like that you cannot change the battery yourself, but I guess that would make it not waterproof. I also think AIKO needs to come in more colors, I’d like it in the ZUS black. One final thing, I think the app needs to be active in the background, like ZUS’s.

Q4: The one thing that I would also like to see is a clip instead of a ring, so you can use AIKO as a key ring. Overall, AIKO is a great little piece of tech!

  1. Please rate AIKO on a scale of 1 – 5:5–Excellent 4–Good 3–Fair 2–Unsatisfactory 1–Poor
    ⅖ It’s a little bulky to carry around on your keys. Might work better for luggage.

  2. In your own words, what are the things that you like most about AIKO?
    For one, the style is awesome just needs to be a bit smaller. I love the simple design and material. I like the fact that it is waterproof! that’s a great feature!

  3. What are the things that you are not satisfied with AIKO? Will you please describe why and how to improve it?
    As mentioned before, the size is kinda big for keys and more color options would be great!

  4. Are there any other comments about AIKO you would like to add?
    Overall great product and great App interface. I would like to see more options in terms of IFTTT integration

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We would also be very grateful for your answers to the following questions:

Please rate AIKO on a scale of 1 – 5:
I would rate it a 4

In your own words, what are the things that you like most about AIKO

  1. Material and workmanship are excellent
  2. Shape, weight and color are good
  3. Connects fast and likewise disconnects fast as you move out of range

What are the things that you are not satisfied with AIKO? Will you please describe why and how to improve it?

  1. A little larger than ideal
  2. Not rechargeable
  3. Sound is in too high a frequency for older people who often have hearing loss in the higher ranges
  4. App has to be running the whole time

Are there any other comments about AIKO you would like to add?
You just about have it perfected

  1. I would rate AIKO a 4
  2. I like the simple design, only 1 button. Very easy to use. The app is also simple. Hopefully it would be in the google play/ iOS app store soon.
  3. I didn’t like the 1-year non-replaceable battery, wish it was rechargeable. Bring back the charger from the iHere. Different colors.
  4. Keep on making new products,

Just a few things to answer your questions :slight_smile:

For luggage you would need to select luggage finder mode. You place the Aiko inside your luggage and will be notified once it gets closer enough to your bluetooth to be detected and picked up by you.

To locate a missing phone that is connected to Aiko. Select the correctly synced Aiko from the app homescreen and the map will show up. Press the beep button and then your phone will start thinking so you can find it. Once found press done on your app screen.
I agree about the wasteful aspect, but otherwise it becomes big and bulky. I would love if they could do inductive at some point.

I have been using the AIKO for a few days now and I would rate it a 5 out of 5.
My initial reaction is a great design. I love the smaller form factor and different shape. I have had a few other similar products and they are pretty similar in design. Round or square.
The AIKO android app seems quick and easy to use. It reacts to changes pretty quickly and is fairly accurate when showing the last known location when the signal is lost. I did have one instance where it showed my backpack (with AIKO inside) about 2 blocks away. After refreshing the app it showed a more accurate location.
I would like the ability to change the alert sound on my phone when the button is pressed. That way it doesn’t sound like most phones ringtones.
So far it is a nice product that I would use for me or my family. I would like to see a wider variety of colors available at some point.

I rate the Aiko a 5!!! What I love about it, is it is so simple to use!!! It works just as advertised, I’ve misplaced my keys a few times since receiving my Aiko, and I found them in a snap with the app!!! The one thing I do t like about it is it could beep slightly louder, but outside of that I love it!!! That would bethe only improvement I could suggest!!!

1: rating of 3.

2: I like the 2 way ability of the AIKO. To ring your phone or keep track of your keys.

3: I do not like that the batteries are not rechargeable or replaceable. The AIKO keeps loosing contact with my Galaxy Note 5.

4: You should add the ability to recharge the batteries wireless. Like the Samsung phones, or watches. Or be replaceable.

I would rank it a 3.5-4 as of right now.

In your own words, what are the things that you like most about AIKO?

  1. Weight
  2. Easy to use
  3. Build quality
  4. Clean design
  5. Water Proof
    Overall this is a very well designed product but there are some things I feel would help make this one of the best on the markets. Which I have included below.

What are the things that you are not satisfied with AIKO? Will you please describe why and how to improve it?

  1. Sound - I would prefer a pulse the sound is loud it sounds like a broken alarm speaker.
  2. Size - While I think the weight is perfect the size is from my measurements the AIKO is 2.35 inches my car key which for a Nissan is 2.87 and I also have my Key Smart key holder which is 2.90 inches I think that reducing the length will make it feel less bulky in the pocket. I also think that if there is anything that could be removed from the width of the AIKO would be a huge improvement, I personally feel that someone alone the lines as a usb drive in terms of width would make this device a real winner.
  3. Non rechargeable battery - I would gladly trade the water proof for just water resistance if I could charge this with a lightning cable most if not all car keys are electronic now so I feel it would not be a bad trade off. If not offering a service to send in a unit to replace the battery for a small fee would also be a decent option. I would like to point out that I do appreciate the discounted rate for returning a unit for replacement.
  4. Connectivity - Within the first 24 hours I lost connection 4 times and I was within 15-25 feet of my keys this can be a bit annoying but since this is a beta kinks are to be expected.
  5. Color ring - It scratched easily when putting on my key ring I would suggest a sticker guard to remove once key ring is in place.
  6. Color options - I have a preference for darker colors the white and gold is classy and has a beautiful look to it but I think a blacked out version would be great as a color option or even a black with a gold ring would be very nice as well. I know it would be a stretch but a carbon fiber one would really attract car enthusiasts such as myself.

Are there any other comments about AIKO you would like to add?

Overall I really like the product and have managed to get my sister ready to buy one when it releases. I love the design and I think the packing is perfect a small touch that I think would be great for the final release is to have a QR code that can take the consumer directly to the app in the app store. Also I played a game with my niece where she could hide my keys in a 2500 sq ft home and the sound was loud enough to find them every single time without failure which was great since I plan on further testing when I travel. All in all I think this is a awesome product and I will update this soon once I have more time to play with it and learn more about it. Last part I wanted to mention you guys nailed the activation of the device to the app it was stupid easy and the instructions on the app made syncing it bullet proof for the elder consumers.

Final thoughts would be a overall solid device after having it on my keychain I have forgotten about the size and I have throughly enjoyed the device and it has proven to be 100% reliable in my testing.

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  1. 3 out of 5. Not really anything different from other similar products already in the market.

  2. The design is pretty simple but effective, I like it. It looks pretty good between my keys and my Orbitkey keychain.

  3. The size, I would like to have it a little bit smaller.
    The non replaceable battery is a minus. In my life none of my gadgets are waterproof and I really don’t feel any need for it.
    I would prefer way more to have Aiko with replaceable battery and non waterproof. (Other similar products in the market got battery replacement possibilities)
    The plastic feeling. I would prefer a metal version but only if it’s going to be a material really resistant from scratches. Other similar products in the market with metal materials can get scratched really easily. Darker color too, I think a black color is way better than white. White is going to get dirty between keys really quickly.
    Augment the distance for the separation alert. I live in a pretty small apartment and I get separation alerts. It would be great if you activate a wifi safe mode where if the phone is connect to that wifi network the separation alert is deactivated automatically (So once you leave your house and leave the keys behind you will get the alert once your phone loses wifi connection)

  4. Software side is a success. Really simple and straight to the point. Good job!

Keep up the good work!

Take Care

I would give AIKO it a 4/5

I like that AIKO is small and lightweight. Other competitors tend to have odd shapes and are much heavier than AIKO. I also like that it can track my phone when I lose it. That’s very hseful to me.

I don’t like the gold color on the ring. I would like to see a the gold to be replaced as the same color on the housing… In my case, white. This draws less attention in my opinion.

I also dislike the audible noise the AIKO makes. It’s not enough to help me locate my keys in a noisy room.

Give the AIKO a Micro usb port so that we can charge it.

Please rate AIKO on a scale of 1 – 5:5–Excellent 4–Good 3–Fair 2–Unsatisfactory 1–Poor

I rate it as a 4/5 due to how I think the APP should work.

In your own words, what are the things that you like most about AIKO?

First off, the look and feel of the AIKO is great. It is the perfect size for your keys or luggage in my opinion. The design is simple and elegant. It is also great to know it is waterproof and the fact that if you lost your phone but have your keys you can use the AIKO to track it.

What are the things that you are not satisfied with AIKO? Will you please describe why and how to improve it?

The only issues I really have it the fact that you can’t recharge it which is ok but would be a nice feature and more importantly the fact that the APP has to be open in order for it to properly work is unfortunate. It it could work in the background that’d be ideal.

Are there any other comments about AIKO you would like to add?

Overall I think the AIKO is a phenomenal product. If you could code the APP to work on the background instead of having to be open 24/7 that’d be fantastic.

Dear Nonda,

Here’s my final review:

  1. I would give AIKO a solid 4.

  2. The built quality of AIKO is top-notch. The device is aesthetically pleasing and feels good in your hands. Apart from the keychain hole, there is an AIKO logo inlaid on the front surface that is actually a hidden button to pair it with your phone. The pairing is a breeze with an easy to use app. Once paired, it tracks the location of your keys and when it’s within range, the BEEP button with turn green.

  3. In my opinion the biggest drawback is that you’ll need to replace your AIKO every year due to its non-removable battery. If the development team can embed a replaceable thin battery inside the device, then AIKO will have a huge competitive edge.

  4. AIKO is a small gadget with a big purpose and does exactly what it’s meant to do; help you find misplaced keys much more quickly than you would without it. Some might not like the fact that you have to replace your AIKO every year and it’s little larger than some similar devices on the market. But when it helps you find your keys quickly on a day you are running late, those issues will be pretty easy to overlook.

In the end, I would like to thank you Nonda team for making a great product and giving me the opportunity to test it.

Warmest Regards,

Nitin Jindal