AIKO Beta Test Round II — Thank you for beta testing!

Thank you for participating in AIKO a-Fans Beta! We appreciate your continued beta testing and feedback.

Altogether 197 applicants were chosen as testers. Since they received the samples, the beta testers have continuously provided excellent feedback. 113 of them have submitted their final reviews — By rating and adding up the pros and cons, you helped us identify the most important features of AIKO.

I would like to especially thank @Becky_Freeman @Landon_McCoy @Victor21_Hernandez @Robert_Doyle_Jr @Dan_Schoen for their devotion to the beta test. As reward, they will receive another AIKO to keep more stuff in secure!

However, there are still 73 people who didn’t submit their reviews. It’s the only commitment to meet as a tester. So please be aware that the qualification to be a beta testers depends on the quality of your review.

Again, thank you for sharing your experience with us. we’d like to thank everyone for their dedication to making AIKO a better product!


Thanks Gordon! It was my pleasure to beta test the Aiko, and I might add that since my last report the separation alarm has become much more reliable. The Aiko is a great product and it has been interesting to see it’s development. I look forward to more innovative products from Nonda in the future!

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Thank you! You know how much I enjoy problem solving and having fun with these beta tests and I appreciate your willingness to let me participate!

Thanks to the other testers that gave me new insight into the products!

Thanks @Gordon. It was a lot of fun and I love the product. My wife will be happy now too that she can have the extra token. Please consider me for more testing opportunities. I would love to see what else you can come up with and be able to put it through the paces.

Thanks, @Gordon, and thanks for letting me have the opportunity to participate in the betas! Ever since I was accepted into my first beta testing opportunity, I’ve had loads of fun. It’s awesome having an amazing community like this to both report–and solve–problems with these extraordinary products. It’s a cool thing being able to watch AIKO and the ZUS Cable evolve and improve, and it’s awesome being able to be a part of it! I will continue to help Nonda as much as I can, and I look forward to future beta tests!

Thanks @Gordon !! It works really well and I am happy with it. I love this community, it is designed very well.

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WHy can’t my AIKO keys be found. I can see them…

Hi @conley You can try this way: turn off the Bluetooth then turn it on (or use flight mode), and try to repair AIKO. If it doesn’t work, you can try to reboot your phone.