Aiko FAQ (Updating)

As the thread title would suggest, we’d love to hear if you have any questions about the AIKO that you haven’t found an answer to. We’ll do our best to answer them, as long as something piques your curiosity.

[1] Is AIKO waterproof?
-Yes, it is IP6 waterproof so there is no need to worry about an accidental spill.

[2] How durable is the aluminum if the keys happen to hit it or scrape up against it?

  • Concerning the durability, AIKO will be made of tough plastic instead of aluminum alloy, but still look amazing. Also, daily use will be slightly scuff it, but in normal range.

[3] What’s the weight of AIKO?
-It’s about 12g. Pretty light.

[4] Can we have multiple devices attached to the app?
-Of course. You can attach 6 devices to the APP, tops. More than 7 will cause some unexpected issues.

[5] Can more than one app be attached to the same AIKO?
-It won’t happen in the same time. If your AIKO disconnected to your phone, it will be searched by another phone because it radios all the time. This situation might be improved as we update the app and bind the AIKO with nonda account.

[6] What color does AIKO have?
-At present we have two colors: Berry (purple) and Skin (gold). We are testing more colors and materials, to make it both fascinating and tough.

[7] Is AIKO rechargeable?

  • No, because it’s hard to put a rechargeable battery into a slim frame. We don’t want it to be a bulky product. So there has to be some sacrifice.

[8] How long will the battery last?
-The battery life is up to a year when properly using.

[9] Where can I find Apps for AIKO?
-Currently we only have a-Fans version apps and they are not on Google Play or App store (cause AIKO is still just in beta test). You can download these apps here at

[10] Does AIKO have the selfie button? Like the iHere did?
-It has only one button and it doesn’t support selfie at least currently. But it might be possible to develop a function in terms of software. Actually we have prepared for it, if people really want this function, we wouldl add it into AIKO when officially launched.

[11] What’s the range?
-An AIKO needs to be within the Bluetooth range of the device to be discovered. AIKO’s Bluetooth range can extend up to 30 feet when there is a clear line of sight from the device to the AIKO. While some environment factors also affect the range, especially when using indoor, Walls will block the signal to some extent, which may weaken the connection. Approximately, most effective range is 20 feet in a room.

This thread will be updating continually in order to solve your problem as we can. If something else hasn’t been included though, ask away! I’ll compile the questions and responses as we go :slight_smile: Also, hope you can ask more valuable questions as a reference for other users.

And anyone who contributed to this FAQ thread will get a special “Inquirer” badge.



Great FAQ - thanks for the work you took onto you to compile all this

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:relaxed:Hope it can help you.

What about the color? What color does AIKO have?

@Addonn At present we have two colors: Berry (purple) and Skin (gold). We are testing more colors and materials, to make it both fascinating and tough.
Your answer is included to the FAQ, so you will get that badge. Enjoy it.:sunglasses:

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@Gordon Ahh it’s great! Thanks a lot!

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I remember iHere can be rechargeable, and it’s quite a competitive feature. Is Aiko rechargeable?

@Don Rechargeable key finder might sounds great, but it’s hard to put a rechargeable battery into a slim frame. We don’t want it to be a bulky product. So there has to be some sacrifice.
Also, you can get the badge.:sunglasses:

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You mentioned that it won’t be rechargeable so I am curious will there be a trade in program to replace it with a new discounted one or will we just be required to buy a new one. Also, approximately how long will the battery last?

@Becky_Freeman Yea there maybe a replacement or discount policy, but we have not decided it yet. Also, the battery life is up to a year. I think non-rechargeable battery is designed for a better waterproof performance, and it won’t affect using experience.:relaxed:

Will the Aiko have additional features or are you going to focus on just being a kick ass key finder?

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Well there maybe some features like selfie remote control or other things based on the Bluetooth connection. What features do you want to see in AIKO? Just share some ideas with us!:grinning:

@Gordon maybe you can use it in presentation to remote control the slides. That would be rather useful than taking selfies.


@thepillmissile Great idea! And it’s really cool to do these things with your key chains!:grinning:

Maybe you guys can open a feature suggestion page. That would be easier to have discussion. @Gordon

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Well I’m also considering to do so. Thanx for your advice! :grin:

I am going to throw in my two cents and I may not be agreed with :wink: I am not a big fan of extra features. While some may add convenience to the consumer most just add headaches from a technology stand point. I strongly feel that the main downfall of the ihere was adding too many features that just broke down the productivity as a whole. The more you add the more you have to fail.

The Aiko does not have a rechargeable battery so do we really want to waste the life of it in order to take a selfie?!? Perfect the main task and you will have a stellar product.

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@Becky_Freeman Yea I agree, less is more. Maybe improving battery life or connection stability is what we should focus on.:slight_smile:


I know I’m late, but is the application process still open?