AIKO not connecting to phone

I have an lg g3, and the AIKO is not connecting to my phone. I have bluetooth enabled, and did activate it (I can pair from within the bluetooth menu, but not in the app.) I dont know what to do.

Is your location and Wi-Fi on as well? It won’t connect unless your Wi-Fi, location, and Bluetooth is on. I had trouble connecting one time and this solved it for me.

Yes, both wifi and location services are both on.

Hi, @shashank135sharma , Sorry to hear that you’re having some issues. That situation is not expected. Could you please try this: Turn on the flight mode for 10 sec then turn it off. Turn on the WIFI, location and Bluetooth again and try to reconnect. If your AIKO still can’t connect to your phone, we will upload a new version of AIKO app.

Hey Gordon,

I tried what you said, but the app still says No Aiko Detected. When I go to the bluetooth menu in my phone, I can see the AIKO and pair with it, but I cannot pair within the app. Again, I have an AT&T lg g3.

Well, to resolve this issue, we just uploaded a new Android version. Please download at

So Gordon I am having the same problem and I already downloaded the new version. I can see the pairing in Bluetooth but within the app it can’t connect. It says to check for a red light on the aiko but I hear the beep but no light. Could that be a reason why. Where is the light on the aiko?

Hi @Deepti_Patel , First, could you please give us some screenshots when you add a AIKO, so we can see what’s the problem. Second, the LED light was cancelled in AIKO now, it’s not supposed to tell you to check for a red light, so we wonder you if you have download the latest version.

So this is what version I downloaded.

And this is the screen I get when I click on can’t connect.

Oh sorry we didn’t update the help center. And about the issue you have, we are still tracking some data, to find what’s the problem.

We tracked your data and found that you AIKO was to far from your phone. You can put AIKO closer to your phone and try again. :slight_smile:

@shashank135sharma you should remove AIKO in the bluetooth menu in your phone and try the flight mode things again. Make sure you have upgrade to the latest version.

I tried, and it still isnt working. Another suggestion I have for the AIKO device itself is to make the button more tactile, because currently its very mushy and its hard to tell if it has been pressed at all.

Gordon, when that message came thru to me the aiko was next to the phone and even above it so I could not understand how much closer i could get it. I am gonna try to remove from Bluetooth and try again. Let me know if u have any other solutions. I know my aiko does not light up with the red light but does beep so it’s not the battery.

@Deepti_Patel Closer means you should put it directly on the top of your phone. Because while your phone is searching for AIKO, it re quires pretty high signal quality to pair, so you should AIKO as much close as you can to where the Bluetooth module is (normally it’s on the top of your phone)

My phone still isnt connecting.

@shashank135sharma Sorry for the issue that caused so many troubles. We found a compatibility problem in LG and HTC phones, and soon we will update a new version to solve it. Please wait for our solutions patiently. :slight_smile:


Well we’ve already uploaded the new version, please download it from
BTW after you update to the latest version, please turn on the BT for 5 sec then turn it off, repeat twice
You don’t have to do that again and everything will return to normal. :slight_smile: