AIKO Review

Please rate AIKO on a scale of 1 – 5:
I would rate the AIKO a 4. The design, which I actually use for my wallet, is slim enough so that I can fit all of my cards in it without it being too thick. For me, using it as a key finder isn’t as practical or necessary because my wallet is more valuable, and after all, if I can’t find my keys, I’m not going anywhere. Whereas, I can leave without my wallet easily.

Pairing with AIKO was easy, although to take advantage of the full feature set, a bluetooth connection needs to be maintained at all times. I find this frustrating because iPhone’s battery life is already limited, and so I only use BT when I’m actually actively using it, such as with earphones or heart rate monitor. So when I want to connect and find my AIKO, it has trouble finding it because there was not a BT connection previously. Integrated Wifi would help strengthen this device.

Also, as someone who dislikes a scratched up device (there are a lot of us out there), the AIKO will scratch and wear easily over time.

As an early Tile adapter, I like the AIKO better. It is louder, seems a little more streamlined in its design and is definitely sturdier.

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Thanks for your review! :relaxed: