Air leak

Hi, I have an air leak on one tire after a tire repair. I am not sure if my valve was change. What is the solution to an air leak? Do I have to adjust the sensor with any tool? The valve lenght should be a problem?

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First of all, if the app suggest you “Air Leak”, there must be a quick leakage on the corresponding tire. Please spray some soap water to that sensor and observe if you can see any bubbles popping up.
If you do see continuous bubbles popping up, please unscrew this sensor and install it again.
Also can you share a screenshot of your ZUS app of the tire that was leaking?

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The same issue i too facing I have an air leak on three tires because of placing the nonda tire moniter if i remove the air stand perfect there is no response from your side hence i removed and i suggested my friends not to purchase these from nonda, What is the solution to an air leak ? or are you going to replace the tyre monitor value

Who did you contact at nonda from whom you didn’t get any response? Did you contact customer support (

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@roland.mettler thank you for helping out here.
@mypage.riz May I know the ticket number you’ve created with our CS team?