All tires reading low PSI when they have 65PSI?

Each tire says 8 or 9.0 psi??
When I move to another car they work. Is their some issue with tire pressure greater than 50 or 60 lbs??

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The pressure range of the product is 0-46 psi. If the tire pressure falls out of the range, it cannot be detected properly.

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You’re spec/manual said up to 130psi at least on the Amazon site.See this link at AMAZON:

Package Includes:
Screw-on Valve Cap Sensor ×4
Receiver ×1 (Requires USB power)
Anti-Theft Nut ×4
Wrench ×1
Installation Kit Bag ×1

Sensor Specifications

  1. Size: 0.7×0.8 in / 21×18mm ;
  2. Pressure Reading Range: 0 - 130 psi / 0 - 9 bar**
    3.Temp Reading Range: -20°C ~ 120°C / -4°F ~ 248°F
  3. Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 125°C / -40°F ~ 257°F
  4. Water Resistance: IP67
  5. Anti-theft: Anti-theft Nut & Wrench
  6. Battery: Replaceable lithium battery CR1632

Receiver Specifications

Size: 3.3×1.5×0.67 in / 85×38×17 mm
Cable Length: 7.9 in / 20cm
Weight: 33g / 1.16oz
Audible and Visual Alerts: For air leaks, high/low pressure high temperature, low battery voltage, lost sensor signal.

Hello @onthewave
Terribly sorry for this, I will look into it with our Amazon team.
In the meanwhile, do you mind I involve the Customer Care team to involve in your case for the follow-up?

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I can confirm the same issue as @onthewave, actual tire pressures on my Van cold were 62psi/front and 77.5 psi read when tested with a digital gage. The ZUS STSM App shows them as 2psi F / 7.5psi R, approx. 60 psi low of actual pressure. Removing the front or rear sensor doesn’t change the reading, never reads 0 psi.

I placed a bicycle wheel with 17.5 psi along side the Van wheels, when I placed both front and rear sensor on the bike wheel they read correctly at 17.5 psi in the ZUS app. When the sensors were removed from the bike wheel they read 0 psi as they should, however reinserting them on the VAN wheels read the same as noted above.

If the ZUS STSM doesn’t work above 46 psi that needs to be stated up front as the manual that comes with them shows the range of the sensor is 0-130 psi.

Terribly sorry about the issue.
Have you contacted for the refund since you are not able to use the STSM on your van?