App closing/failing to run in the background after Android update

So, ever since my phone (Note 8) updated to Android Pie (9) last month, the Zus app will not stay running.

I was already used to having to periodically make sure it was running so my work drives were logged, but now, even if I re-launch it after I get into the car to make sure everything is paired and working, I will often get to my destination and find that the app has closed, the trip was not logged, and I do not have it in my list of reimbursable drives.

Any ideas?

I have a note 8 also and noticed this too. Android has a battery saver mode, that you have to remove the Zus app from.

Go into your settings, then Apps, then locate the Zus app and select Battery:

Then select Optimize Battery from this section:

The drop-down menu select All:

Locate the Zus app and Uncheck it


Ahh, so it loses that in the upgrade. Good call!

Thank you!

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Thank you so much Bobby!
If you still have issues with APP running in background, feel free to let me know.
Best Regards,

Didn’t even know this was due to an update.
I don’t even know if I have this issue, but good call @bobbysimonii thanks for the heads up! +1 for you!

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Your welcome

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