Back up camera Bluetooth disconnecting
Feb 9, 09:04 CST

I emailed 2 days ago about a replacement I got. I returned a back up camera last Friday due to the fact that it wasn’t keeping charge I was sent a replacement and it’s charging good and not losing any charge but when I connect it to the Bluetooth it will constantly disconnect and reconnect.

I called customer service and was hung up on the first time then I called again then the recording kept on saying that all the representatives were busy that I was first in line also saying that my wait time was less than one minute, I waited 30 minutes on the phone. I haven’t received a reply to the previous email

I’m starting to get really frustrated at this point, at least the previous device was connecting automatically even though the battery was draining in 1 to 2 days. Could this be an app problem? This is starting to stress me out.

I’ve used this product successfully only about
4 times since my first purchase paid about
$110 due to the fact that I had to return the previous device. I appreciate the help but I can’t be dealing with this with every device I receive I like the product concept but it’s not working for me, I literally have a phone on my
car specifically for this product and have test it out with other phones to see if it would work and it’s the same issue the Bluetooth connects and disconnects on all of them.

How can You help me ? I’m not getting my phone calls answered nor my emails replied to?

Hello @juanlruiz1989
I will look into your case and see what’s on with the Customer Service calling system.
Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
Best Regards
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I been calling sending emails to see if someone can help me resolve my issue and I get no responses. I have successfully used my back up camera about 4 times since my purchase about 3 months ago this is extremely frustrating and ridiculous at this point I’m currently waiting on the phone line and absolutely no response for 30 minutes. I don’t get any response from anyone I literally just want a refund at this point

Hello @juanlruiz1989 I just informed the CS agents and they shall be following up with your request. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If you have any other issues, feel free to reach out again.
Best Regards,