Backup cam not charging! Please help!

I’m having problems charging the backup up cam… It won’t charge just a white light but a red charging light. After 3 days it just turns off. I have tried 3 different charging cables as suggested by support no luck. I need a replacement right away! Please advise how to get replacement. It is well within the warranty period!

Hi @4noelsj
I will fwd your case to them.
If you have other issues, feel free to contact again.

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hello there, i have the same issue with my backup camera, would you please advise on how to fix it or how to open a case to get support,


Hi Julieta,
My backup camera only holds a charge now for a week only. Within three days I see it’s low on power. Should I replace the batteries??

the backup camera doesn’t have replaceable batteries

Hi @Raul_Acevedo Are you still under warranty? Do you mind I forward your case to CS for the follow-up?

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Hello and thanks. I received an email with instructions for returning the backup camera. I have returned the item insured and with a tracking number which I also emailed to nonda.
Many thanks ! :wink:

I saw a video on YouTube showing how it is done. :wink:

What video share the link

Hello @Santos_De_Santiago_Parra
You could always contact for support.
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I purchased the Back Up Camera on June 11th through and now the camera will not take a charge. Tried several different charging cables but nothing seems to be working. The lights will not even come on. Please advise on resolution. Thanks!

Hello @Jamie_Goldspink
You could always contact for support.

This forum doesn’t have the ability to troubleshoot as much as customer support can.

Thanks. Will do.

You need to slowly charge the batteries for a longer battery life via computer USB port. When it is fully charged, back-up cam works better. It may slow down when low battery. Try to keep it charged. Try not use it when it is unnecessary. It will turn into sleep mode when not in use.

It works better for small cars. Bigger chases may prevent high quality connections and results in lagging. If that is the issue for you, you probably need to return the product and ask for refund.