Backup camera lag

I have the ZUS backup camera on a Toyota Tundra and get a fair amount of lag ( sometime multisecond freezes) from the image. I think it has improved with more recent updates but it still is difficult to use and recommend…I’m using an iPhone 8 and using the custom router address in the app

Right now it shows and image, freezes, then tries to catch up, plays ok , freezes etc. I would happily sacrifice image quality/resolution if that means a more stable image. Also when catching up, rather than seeing an image that’s a few seconds old could the camera/software just try to show the latest image when lag occurs?

I’m on the fence with this product, as it would be awesome if it just worked and I’m seeing software improvements. I’m hesitant to purchase other zus products such as the tire monitor and health monitor until I know for sure the issues are sorted (power drain health monitor and seizing tire valves). Please keep us informed on when these issues are fixed.

Hi @tacoslayer
Thank you for reaching out to us.
Since you’ve mentioned “Tundra” in your post, I took a wild guess the lag issue has something to do with the signal strength, i.e. wi-fi/bluetooth signal both interfered by different car make and/or distance between the smartphone and the device.
Could you try putting your iPhone near the Backup Camera and check if the lag still exists? If it becomes smooth then it’s definitely the signal issue. I would suggest a refund in this case. Sorry for that.:confounded:

It works great when close. So distance is an issue as it’s a large truck. Shame, love the product otherwise. Thanks for your response!

I bought the entire ZUS package off Indiegogo for $200. Mainly for this backup camera. I agree with you. It isn’t any good. It’s a PITA to use. You have to compare it to a factory system and it just doesn’t compare dehumidifier. Bad picture. Everything needs to be charged. It’s slow to activate. I shelved it and bought the AutoVox T2 system. Wired camera with monitor built-in to the mirror. Simple to hook up. Works good in my '68 Firebird. Can’t speak for nighttime performance.

Hello @Jon_Walter thank you for your feedback.
One special feature of ZUS Smart Backup Camera is “wireless”. While we enjoy the easy installation, it makes things hard for us to bypass the difficulties during the activation and connection process when both Bluetooth & Wi-Fi are involved.
However, we will try our best to make the connection more stable and lessen the activation time as much as possible to ensure a better user experience.
Thank you again for you objective point of view.

Best Regards,

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Car: Mercedes M- class, Phone: Redmi 5
2-3 seconds delay, dangerous to use as backup camera

Please fix this

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Hello @doddyh
Thank you for your feedback.
Could you please describe a little more on this issue?
Does the lag/delay happen each time you park? or it only re-occurs in certain scenarios like parking in your work space? near your apartment building?

As always - very stubborn with numbers of time responding this to customers who have problems with back up camera, rather than focusing on fixing this problem. If it can’t be fixed, just pull it off from the market before the serious accident occurred.

I had it and exactly same problem with other users saying on this blog. It is very slow being connected and lagged to the time car hits object behind then images shows it had hit - Too late if it shows after touched the object.

So don’t bother to troubleshooting or pretending that you could help…No, it should got pull off from the market until it works properly.

I too have this problem with camera lag. In fact, it’s not just lag but it freezes permanently. When I think there’s nothing behind me, it’s really only that the camera has frozen. I can’t trust it! This is a shame because I like the principles of it - the wireless aspect, easy installation and the picture quality. It is so bad that I would like my money back or even better, suggest a fix so that I can use the camera! Does anyone have a fix for this? Does Nonda have a fix for this yet?

Let us be clear, this camera poses a risk to anyone behind your car. The camera can present a frozen image that is seconds old while you think it is live. The camera cannot keep a connection more than a few minutes before it freezes or drops out entirely. I know, I have spent more than 20 working hours trying to get it going on both IOS and Android. This camera should NOT be sold, period! See all the comments on Amazon for this camera. It is a real safety risk to humans and animals behind your car. STOP SELLING THIS PIECE OF JUNK!

It does not work well for big vehicles due to weak WIFI connection. You need to ask for refund.

I would like Nonda team to work on upgrading app, maybe decreasing video quality or upgrading the product with better battery and WIFI transmitter.

Hello every one: I buy a backup camera from some one he logged in first now I tray to login I can’t the comera wants first customer shuld remove the account can you please help me what shuld I do I sighed in the Nando but I cant pair my phone with comera

You have to contact Nonda support, so they can reset it.