Battery issue

Did the test ones get sent out with batteries that had not been full? My battery is reporting as low and now it cannot find my Aiko despite it being right across the room from me.
This is the reason I like having a rechargeable battery. I have a fear of the battery dying and having no clue where the Aiko is when it happens.

Mine did that for about an hour one time after it lost connection but my phone reconnected to it. I thought I had an almost dead AIKO, but once I disconnected and reconnected it to my phone again, it was back to normal. It’s been fine ever since. Maybe if you disconnect and reconnect it to your phone, then it will go back to normal. Not sure though…

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The update seems to have fixed it. Still have concerns on the battery dying without my knowledge, but happy to see that the Aiko is working just fine now

@Becky_Freeman Don’t worry, it’s just a display error, your battery is still full and soon we will fix this bug.

@Landon_McCoy have you upgrade to the latest version?

@Gordon the last update fixed it. Thanks for being on top of everything.

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@Gordon Yep! Updated to the latest version yesterday. No problems so far!