Battery on camera is DOA

Recieved the camera on 1.10.18. Charged it per specs.
Tested it for about 10 minutes indoor. Went to mount it
the next day and now the camera is DEAD. Wont charge
wont turn on, wont do ANYTHING.
I’ve tried different cables, USB adapters, hubs and outlets

PLEASE ADVISE otherwise I will be demanding a full refund.

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Hi @fernando
May I know the specs of the charger you use for charging and for how long have you charged the device? Did you see the LED turns green?

I opened the box, charged it with an ipad charger for about 4 hours. Camera turned on i tested it inside my house. Left the camera on my counter. Came back a day later to install it and the camera will not turn on. I used different USB cables, a different 2.1 amp charger. and the different outlets.

Nothing works. the camera is DOA

Hi @fernando one last question before we proceed to the next step.
Now the LED on the device is also dead? even when you connect it to the 2.1 amp charger?

yes. there is no response from the camera at all. i charged it per the instructions with the cable provided. turned it on, tested it indoors and then went to install it on my car the next day and it was dead.

It may not be disconnecting from the WiFi so is on all the time. try to disconnect after testing. this seems to work for me.

This camera never turned after initial charge. It has nothing to do with the wifi

Instead of posting surveys, how about you provide an answer to the countless of complaints about your products both on this form, your facebook page and instagram adds. I spend $109 for NOTHING this camera is useless and your customer department has YET to respond to my demands for a refund.

I want my money back, this is incredibly piss poor customer service. Ill be sure to share my experiences on amazon, yelp, facebook and report you to BBB

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Hi, @fernando Sorry for not replying in a timely manner, just checking with Customer Service team, will get back to you ASAP.

I also am having problems with my backup camera. Got notification that battery needed charging, plugged in with iPad charger for the day at work came to it at end of day and no lights. When I plug it in now the led is white, also I’m wondering how watertight this unit is as we have had 2 days of heavy rain and as u leave the unit in the table face up and it was draining some water.

Am having EXACT issue as @fernando - any answers yet?

The answer was “its your phone” lol i hounded them for 2 weeks until i got a refund. This company is a joke.

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Return it. It’s a POS. Never worked out of the box and for a startup they are really shittin the bed with the product quality and customer support.

I also had problems. Worked when next to bumper. Then sitting in the truck it lost connection and I now cannot get it to do anything, even next to the bumper. Will not pair. Try charging again and the light does not come on nor do anything.
Customer service does NOT have phone number so I will be forced to return to the store.

I have the same problem.

Terribly sorry for the incident. May I know where did you purchase this device and what’s your car make?

I have the same issues… battery not charging properly (it takes days and even with fully charged green light, it goes back to “battery low” warning.)
Also disconnected while I am sitting in my driver’s seat.

I’ve been trying to find the fault in one I got here, seems one of the batteries is dead/not connected properly. 0 volt out to the connector, 2.something volt on the battery, and it’s supposed to be ~3.7V when fully charged.

Seems like a flaw in the battery production to be honest, and quality checking of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Same problem, camera dead after second charge.

Hello @hmourtad
Sorry for the inconvenience. I will forward your case to our Customer Service Team.

Best Regards,