Best way to transition to new sensors

So, the sensors on my original STSM are finally starting to bite the dust. This was the system I got through the IndieGOGO campaign back in 2017.

Two have had the cores completely fall out, and so those ones are definitely toast.

Since I’m probably well out of warranty at this point, what’s the best way to handle getting new sensors? Should I just buy a whole new system? Or is there a way to just buy new sensors?

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A short history of my experience with these sensors:
I was a crowd-funder of them when they first came around because one of my vehicles was an older jeep that did not have TPMS. I got them, they worked great, and so I got another set for my car since it had TPMS, but only with low alert, not with the level of tracking and leak alerts. During this time, I also bought the charger, and started using it to track my mileage and fast-charge my phone.

Then came the dark times, when we discovered that vehicles with brass valve stems corrode to the sensors, making them impossible to remove, and requiring valve stem (and sensor) replacement. As a result of these experiences, and because I had good experiences with customer service from Nonda, I volunteered to be a guinea pig to beta-test a different-metal version of the sensors on my jeep, and had terrific results with those.

Fast-forward to now, and the original set of sensors installed on my car (which never had the galvanic corrosion issue because the car had aluminum stems) were falling apart. I had already replaced one under warranty several months back when the entire core fell out, but now I had another core fall out, and at this point, I’m two years from purchase, so I’m clearly out of warranty.

I contacted support, and they said I could buy new sensors for $25 each. Considering I could buy an entire new STSM set for $98.99 which came with fresh batteries and a control unit, that seemed like a no-brainer.

My original idea was to just take all four sensors from the new set and re-program them to work with the old control unit, but given that I don’t really care THAT much about the history of my tire pressure, and the app doesn’t let you export data anyway, I figured it would be far more simple to just use the new set as a … well… set.

I just received it today, and I’ll take as many pictures as possible to document the differences. So far, it seems the alloy might be new. The old sensors are much more silver, while the new ones have a grey hue to them. This may be partially from wear, but I don’t think it is entirely.

Any test requests?

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Best of the remaining sensors, side by side with a new one. (To be fair, “best of remaining” could have been a replacement I got)

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One of the three sensors the core fell out of.

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