Brand new charger is already paired to an unknown device?

Hi, I just purchased a brand new smart charger and it came already paired to an unknown device, how do I unpair it?

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Hello @Jake_Harman wondering if you have solved the binding issue? Looks like there’s already one ZUS Charger added to your account.
If you still need help, please let me know.
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Hi, I have the same problem, I bought a used zus backup camera and when I tried to pair it, it said that is already being used by co*** how do I remove this email? thanks.

Hello Sergio, @Sergio_Macias_Ruvalcaba
May I know from what channel did you get this device?

i got it from a garage sale, it looks new and has the original box, the screws and all the accessories to install it like the special screwdriver and the 3M tape.

Hi Sergio,
I will forward your case to our Customer Service Team.
Thank you for reaching out.


Hi there , I also purchase 2 products from a yard sales and it says “ This Smart Tire Safety Monitor is currently used by all***
How can you reset this device I haven’t open the other one yet.

Hello @Maria_Reyes You’d better contact the seller and ask hime to delete this device from his/her ZUS account first. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Juliet’s, thank you for your response as you know , I purchase these from a yard sale. the both boxes have all the equipment manual tool everything. The boxes are intact ,they have stickers red and yellow label. The seller doesn’t have anything to with this because he never owned them or used them as I was told . Who ever return the item never removed his information so how can I get this 2 pcs to work since I already purchase them and you are the manufacture?

Understood, I will email on the steps.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi juleta. I have the same problem my ZUS smart car charger was already paired to some one before I buy how can I unpair and get it done for my id