Brand New Health Monitor Has A Previous Owner?

Just bought a Smart Vehicle Health Monitor on Amazon. Getting this error when trying to pair. Does that mean Nonda sold me a used unit?

I have the exact same problem with one purchased from Amazon. Have you found an answer or a resolution to this problem?

Sent an email to Nonda Customer Service. Waiting for a reply

EDIT: They mentioned it may have been a test unit.

Was the box sealed? Maybe Amazon might have mistaken a returned device for a new one? I’m sure there are people returning the SVHM because of the battery drain…

@TwistMyMind @mnbenage We are looking into your cases and will get back to you ASAP.

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@jason_lei224 The bottom was sealed, top wasn’t

Thanks @Julieta for looking into this :slight_smile:

I got one email on Monday asking me for Order ID, and haven’t heard anything since…

I will check it out and get back to you. :disappointed_relieved: @TwistMyMind

@TwistMyMind We’ve found a system glitch and it has been corrected now, may I aks you to try binding it again?

Seems fixed now :smile:

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i appreciate it extremely much! i mean your responses. purchased one from amazon as well and got same problem… but i really need a good health monitor! thanks again!

@James_Shawn Hi James, may I know your ZUS login account?

Julieta I have the same issue with one of mine… appreciate you helping me

I have the same issue. My login is:

i have the same problem with a used backup camera, my login is