Calling All Toyota Celica owners with cars 2000-06

I am curious to hear from any of the Toyota Celica owners with cars from the year 2000-05 to hear what they have to say on their experiences using the OBD2 device. Have you had initial issues? What were they?

Here are the issues I have identified.
If I plug in the ZUS SVHMM then put the keys in the car and start the car the ABS light flashes continuously and the Check drivers airbag light stays lit.
Removing the ZUS SVHMM from the OBD2 port resolves this.

If I start the car then plug in the ZUS SVHMM then the ABS light does not flash but the Check Drivers side airbag light does come on and stays on.

If I remove the ZUS SVHMM the check drivers side airbag light turns off.

I have installed the latest Android update of the phone software however I believe that the issue is a hardware one.

On screen 1 of the phone application (pro Dashboard) it appears to be attempting to connect and tries to read information from ZUS it fails to do so.
RPM / min
Top speed
Top Rev
Top Load
Do not register any changes.
EzzySaver Dashboard registers as connected but again does not the reset of the settings are again not changing.
Tiles Dashboard shows changes to the 3 of the 4 set up
GPS speed
GPS Accuracy
Acceleration Speed
As these are tied to the phone settings is my belief
Battery voltage again does not register.

In the safety center
I am able to perform a scan but no issues detected.
Backup Camera - not installed
Tire sensors - not installed
Battery Health - not installed

Gearbox - scanned
Computer output circuit - scanned
Speed and idling control - scanned
Ignition system - scanned
Fuel air emission Control - scanned

No error reported. I am guessing if there was it would return an error code.

Some feedback on the above would be appreciated.