Can't find apple app

I searched with the link and through the App Store and I cannot find the app. Also I saw online that this doubles as a picture timer and recording device. Does the beta serve those functions also?

UPDATE: the link you provide in the instructions has a period in it and if you put the period in the url the page can not be found. DO NOT put the period at the end of the link

Are you searching for the AIKO App? You can install the a-Fans version

again SZ

I found it now. But in the little white booklet that came with the Aiko, it says to go to this link to download the app

That link won’t take you anywhere unless you get rid of the period at the end. So it has to look like this

Now the link with the period works. I’m not sure what is going on. I got this initially. Bottom line- all is good now.

Yea you should get rid of that period, :relaxed:

I can’t find the app either. Is this still being supported?

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Hi @Dez_Santana May I know probably when did you get your AIKO, if it’s around the same time last year, then the software is no longer being supported. Sorry for that, but good news is we are going to launch beta testing for ZUS Car Key Finder soon, which is pretty similar in regard of functionality compared with AIKO. Just apply when I post the application thread under the CORE FANS group and that will secure your chance of having one.

Thank you

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