Change an email address that I no longer have access to

julietayyw, I no longer have access to my registered ZUS email address and I can not remember the password. How can I update my old email address? (old email address) new emai address

Maybe not that good an idea to post your email address into a public forum…

Hi @Ray_Longoria I’ve send you a private message regarding this issue. Let me know your opinion.
Best Regards,

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Thank you for your suggestion.

Hello Julieta. I would suggest censoring Ray Longoria’s email addresses in the first message and also removing the password reset link he posted, for security reasons. Really not a good idea!

I have not received your reply. Send to gmail address if you would, thanks

Hello @Ray_Longoria
We cannot reset the password if you cannot access your old email.
However, we can somehow remove your old account. Then you can use your ZUS like a new one.
Do you wish we do that?

Yes, please remove the old account and I will start using my ZUS like a new one. Thank you so much for your help and quick replies. It is very much appreciated.

Ray L.

It’s done. Please try again. @Ray_Longoria

Thank you so much. Everything is working as it should now with my current email address. You guys are great!