Cover (snap-on) of the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini

I have removed the cover which came with mine so I could insert the tray which goes there. The socket is accessed by removing that but, not about to just leave it out in order to use the device.
All seems well with it but, was wondering if there might be a slim cap that wouldn’t protrude… this might not even be necessary except for cosmetic reasons, and, of course it’s hidden anyway during normal use so, not an issue Unless… it’d be better protected with at least a slim snap-on cover on it to keep from exposing the circuitry.

Thanks for any insights or solutions.!! Pretty good forum here… where’s the dark mode tho. *grins

It is better to keep the cover on as it protects the circuit board and as that connects to your car cpu via the OBD2 port will protect that too from static and other hazards.