Dash cam recording and wifi connected

here’s my questions:

  1. does it recors all the time or only when collisions?

  2. does it need to be connected to the wifi (or inernet acces) all the time?

  3. If I already bought the ZUS smart fast charger, and still using it (very satisfied), do I still get the free SD card?

thank you
André ( cybergolfer)

  1. Yes it records continuously, and overrides old footage. In the event of a collision, or impact incident, the footage is locked and prevented from being overwritten.

  2. No, the camera itself does not connect to WiFi. The dash cam has the ability to allow your phone to connect to it’s network and Access the video recordings without having to remove the camera or the cameras SD card. (Note that recording stops when the dash cam is in “Wi-Fi mode”)

  3. @Julieta would have to answer that question

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Thank you @bobbysimonii for all the pro answers! You rock!
@alanglois63 If you place the order now, the SD card deal is still there plus a complimentary ZUS cable.
Be quick! :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.nonda.co/products/dash-cam


Hey! thanks Julietta, I appreciate your prompt answer,
I would like to buy but still hesitate due to some negative comments!!
can you or anyone let me know that major problems have been corrected please
thanks again

How long is locked video actually locked? 30 days? 1 year? Forever (i.e. SD card is formatted)?

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The footage is locked until it’s been removed / formatted from the SD card

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@bobbysimonii thank you for your prompt reply.

Hello @gary.rudick
Feel free to ask more questions here if you’d like to, would be glad to help.
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Just opened my dash cam and I’m having the same issues. I cannot get past step 2. I’ve reset the device with a pin and still nothing. I’m using an iPhone 8

Hi @cwankeny
Could you describe how you use the cam step by step?
When you say you were stuck on the 2/3 of the pairing process, have you connected to the ZUS_DC_XXXX wifi?

Yes, I followed the instruction carefully, connected to ZUS_DC_XXXX but then nothing happens - it just stays on the 2/3 screen with the button to go to settings.

Also, there is briefly a box that says “connect to the internet” with an X above it. The message disappears after a few seconds.

Hello @cwankeny developers are looking at this issue right now. I know this may be too much to ask, but could you take a screen record of your pairing process and send to me directly? I can be reached at julieta@nonda.us.
Best Regards,

I have sent the screenshot. It shows the process stuck at Install Dash Cam (2/3)

All instructions were followed exactly up to that point.

I have iPhone 8S running iOS 12.0.1

Hi @cwankeny that is well received. Developer is working hard on it!
Sorry for the inconvenience in the meanwhile.

Thank you - If not resolved in one week I would like to return both units.

@cwankeny We’d like you to have one last try.
Please find a place where there aren’t so many Wi-Fis around. Take a screenshot of the phone’s Wi-Fi list.

  1. Click the button on the dash cam to activate Wi-Fi. (LED turns from white to blue)
  2. Go to phone’s settings and connect to the ZUS DC Wi-Fi.
  3. Open ZUS app and start the binding process all over again.

IF the abovementioned steps don’t work out. We’d encourage you to find another cell phone and try out. If it’s no convenient for you, just try these final steps and let me know the results and I will forward your case to our customer service team for the follow-up. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
ZUS Team