Dashcam Time stamp


I am reviewing dashcam footage to be used as evidence.
I have included the timestamp on the videos and would like to know the accuracy/validity of the timestamp
Where does it get the time from? calibrated from the app? (hence the mobile phone time?)

Also is it possible to get gps location?



I have a similar problem.

I set date and time using zus app, but on stored files the time it’s wrong !
Please look on my screens (attached).
The files was saved 1 minute ago but the timestamp is 9 hours ago.

Hi @ahmedmeza How frequent do you use the App to check the video files on ZUS app?
The time in the videos will be synced to phone’s system time when it’s connected with the App.

@Marius_Mihail Can you try doing a “Factory Reset”?

Not that often, but when I do I expect it to be correct.
If it syncs with the App time, when the dashcam is disconnected does it include an internal timer to continue the time?

I’ve never had my timestamp be correct. I have tried refreshing it, connecting it everytime I drive, reconnecting the camera even (factory reset), and nothing has worked to fix the time stamp.