Defective sensor

One of my four sensors consistently measures 5-10 psi less than the other three sensors ON THE SAME TIRE.

After I noticed that my back left tire was reading lower, I swapped out the sensors with the back right. This REVERSED the readings, meaning the defective sensor is not working on any tire. It’s consistently reading lower, regardless of which tire I place it on.

In other words the reading on the same tire would be:

  • sensor 1: 30psi
  • sensor 2: 30psi
  • sensor 3: 30psi
  • sensor 4: 25psi defective?

Please let me know how this can be resolved by your team. I submitted a ticket on November 27th (Request #63336) but I haven’t received an answer yet. I’ll upload two images to better explain the problem.

Hi, Andre @Andre_Conlledo may I ask you to try to pull out the sensor battery and insert again see if on the app there are any changes?
Also, can you try driving the vehicle for a while for it to update data to the receiver?

I am facing the exact same issue. And zus support came back saying that my sensors are working fine without issues when it clearly was having an issue.

My RR sensor is always lower pressure even though in my screenshot it is installed on my rear left wheel in my tests.

Any suggestions pls?

Hi @KarlY
Can you try driving the vehicle for a while for it to update data to the receiver? (with RR on RL tire)


The picture posted previously is after driving for more than 10-15 minutes with RR sensor on RL tire. It gives a similar reading to my RR sensor on RR tire which always shows my tire with low pressure.


Hi @KarlY one more thing I’d like to try before we proceed, can you try exchange the batteries? Say pulling out batteries from sensors and insert the working one to the RR and install it back. See if you can get any update on the RR data?

I swapped the batteries and left the RR sensor on the RL tire. It shows the same results.

I ordered this TPMS and received it 4 month ago but unable to used since day one because one of the sensor has faulty thread and ZUS request me to ship back the sensor to Shanghai China on my own expenses. When I received the replacement sensor that they ship out did you guys believe it it took about 2.5 months long reach me and worst still the sensor that they sent also faulty and without a battery. What a frustrated feeling when I emailed that since ZUS unable to resolved and when I demand a Full refund it took more than 2 weeks just to ask why you never responded.

Yeah their customer service is completely garbage

Hello @hajoongjeong since we received @mysetias report on Customer’s work flow, we’ve already optimized it for customers’ better experience.
Could you be more specific as to which part has caused the unpleasant experience?
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