Delivery Problem

Hi, I have ordered my ZUS®
Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini a month ago, but it seems like its still in China. As I said, it has been more than 30 days, is it relative to Covid19? When will I receive my device? I live in Turkey btw.

Same here
My order number is #11201742 , item still waiting in customs and seams to be returned to origin. Could you check it pls.

Its been a week after I post this, but still theres no reply? What does Nonda except sending foolish ad mails?

Did you honestly expect a reply about a shipping problem from the Nonda factory/company in China by posting into a user forum, where no staff of Nonda actually participates?

Beware of this company, it is a fraudulent company

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My ORDER #11216270 . I ordered the product on 26th April 2020, still the product is stuck in China? Why were the ads shown if you weren’t going to send the product.