ELM 327 Melted My ODB II Connector

After the ELM 327 working fine for a couple of weeks, I noticed a strong, noxious plastic smell.
I later traced it to a melted ELM 327 and melted ODB II Connector. I will have to get my ODB II connector replaced!
As an electrical engineer, I am surprised that the device has no protection from it causing an overcurrent fault. At least it didn’t start a fire.

Out of curiosity: What car (make/model/year) do you have? And did you have the Lite Health Monitor or the Pro Health Monitor?

Maybe the info will prevent anybody with the same or a similar constellation from damaging their car.

2013 Ram 1500 with the Lite Health Monitor.
Even a narrowed trace on the circuit board to act as a worst-case overcurrent fuse would have helped.