Every sensor is stuck! Cant get any off

Nonda please help.

We installed 2 sets of these in our cars. Mine and my wifes.
My tire was low so I went to fill it but the sensor would not come off. It took me about 30 mins with the help off another person to get 1 of these stuck sensors off.

It was an absolute nightmare.

And in my wifes car 1 of her tires is low and I cant get the sensor off to fill with air.
As a matter of fact I can’t get any of the sensors off?

What are we supposed to do?

So sorry that you’ve had such an experience with the STSM, I will forward your case to our customer service team to get you a replacement.
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But what are we supposed to do?
How do we get these sensors off so we can fill her tires with air?
Am I supposed to have to go to a dealer and have them cut off?
I’ll need to act fast as it is getting lower each day. We live in MN. And right now are expected 6" of snow.
We also live 15 miles outside of town and have to shuttle our kids to and from day care ( 15 miles away ).

And after looking @ my sensors it almost appears there is some rust or corrosion going on inside all of them. 1 of them was a nightmare to get off and it pretty much got destroyed in the process it was on there so good. And the covers keep falling off?

2 cars, 2 sets
wifes car all sensor completely stuck
my car 1 sensor stuff after 40 mins came off but completely destroyed in the process
my other 3 sensors were stuff but came off afte about 10 mins. and they look rusted or something inside the threading?

Yeah, they corrode pretty fast in winter weather, especially if they’re using salt against the ice. Since the valves are usually brass and the sensors are aluminium. They should’ve used some other material :slight_smile:

Had to have mine cut off and replaced to be able to fill any tires at all.

Hello @mario2lucy Terribly sorry, however in your wife’s case, you have to go to some tire shop or dealer to get them off before it’s getting too late.
We do apologize for this situation.
We are now developing a system with internal sensors, if you are interested, I can manage to send you 2 sets for free.
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Julieta, I’ve been covering this story at length for my readers over the last few months and I would like to hear more about this “system with Internal sensors” that Nonda is developing. Who can you put me in touch with that can speak to this on the record?

Hi @nerd May I know what kind of info regarding the internal system are you keen on learning and covering?

Hello @nerd

I’ve read through your latest post regarding this sensor stuck topic on your blog, well, have to thank you for continuous effort focusing on the development. However, while you speak of the “close to existing” attitude of nonda on the external sensors, I cannot agree.

We are fully aware of this issue first time we received user’s reporting on the sensor stuck issue and after further investigation, our hardware engineer has worked out an optimization plan to avoid this issue.
My description may not be as professional as they use in the engineering world, however, in commutable language, there will be 2 major changes in the future “external” sensors: 1) replace the existing sensor base with a harder and more intense version of aluminum material to avoid corrosion; 2) improvements on existing screw thread craft to prevent stuck issue.
What else you’d wish to know or learn about, feel free to contact us.

And apologies for the twitter account not replying in a timely manner, I will make sure the person in charge is aware of this issue and pay more attention afterwards, thank you for reminding us!

Best Regards,

Hi from Marco in Italy.
Salted roads in winter here… so same problem here… sensors stuck on my winter set, 1 on 4 removed easily (maybe because I had a slow emptying tyre that had to be filled once in a fornight, but the other three are stuck.
I tried all, wd40, pliers, last solution is cut the tyre stem to remove them and use the tyre again… :frowning:

:pensive: So sorry to hear that @mcmlxix Have you contacted the CS for a replacement?

Hi Julieta. Thanks for replying and for your statement. I will update your post accordingly.

The only other thing I would like to know is what if anything are you going to go with your existing user base who has the original sensors? I ask because I would imagine that it would make sense to get them off the roads as quickly as possible once the new sensors are available to keep Nonda from constantly revisiting issue?

Please advise.

Thank you for getting back.
For the current users of STSM, if they’ve ever encountered with such issue, we would offer either replacement or refund, depending on the channels he/she got the device.
If one wishes to continue using this set, we suggest users either re-install the sensors every two months or apply a small amount of anti-seize lubricant to the valve stem.

Best Regards,

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I have the same problem! I had to sell my car and I could only manage to remove 2/4 sensors. The other 2 are stuck on the valves. NONDA support on Facebook messenger has been HORRIBLE. They asked me to go to my dealer (Audi) and pay to have them removed, and then pay shipping to China to get new ones. Are you joking?? @Julieta can you please help?

Hi @Andrew_Livanos I communicated with our CS colleague and they would offer you to send back only two sensors (those that already been taken down) with the receiver to the U.S. office. If you do not wish to cover the delivery fee, you may ask for a shipping label. Seems like there might be misunderstanding in between.
Let me know if you still have other concerns.
Best Regards,

I have the same problem. Today I went to remove caps to add air. All of them are stuck. Will not come. Not very happy. Right now I just sprayed penetrating oil on them to see if it helps. Will let oil seat for awhile to let it work. If that don’t work am gonna have to destroy sensors to get them up. I like your products nonda but this is not good. If I have to destroy sensors to get them off it’s a waste of money.

Update on my stuck sensors. Tried everything to get them off. Nothing worked. Had to take car to tire shop to get them cut off and install new valve stems. Now am out $40 cost at tire shop for work plus $126 I paid for sensors from amazon. I have purchased 3 products from nonda. Tire sensors, car health monitor and usb charger. All 3 have worked well. Now am stuck with tire sensors that I can’t use anymore due to removal damage. Not a happy customer nonda :triumph:

@morganfevrier Terribly sorry for the whole experience with the stuck sensors. I will forward your case to Customer Service team and follow up with your case.


All of my 4 sensors are stuck, they are stuck so badly that even garage people can’t remove them.
They told me they have to cut the valve for all 4 tires. Please guide me.

Hi Juliette,

Same issue here. Despite applying some grease to the valve I’ve had to use a wrench to release the sensors of my car when changing my winter tires to the summer set. Two of them are damaged now. I like to be informed what we can do now.

Off topic: Is Nonsa considering a trailer set of tire monitors? This could be a huge advantage for use with a caravan or other trailer. Just add an option in the app to add two more sensors and make a double or quad set (for tandem axels) available.

I am having somewhat a same issue as well… When I say somewhat, I mean that the center brass piece on 2 of my sensors has come out, along with the red nylon ring… I put the sensors on my truck in the fall, and put anti-sieze on them… I did not have any problems getting them back off in the spring… I put them on my summer tires, but did not have the anti-sieze right away… 2 weeks later, when I went to take the sensors off to put anti-sieze on them, the center part of 2 of the sensors stayed in the valve stem…

Now I have 2 sensors that are broken.