Experiencing drop signal with dash cam

Hello, I am having major issues keeping the dash cam on the cameras Wi-Fi signal, it connects when I start my car for the first 4 mins, I can see the blue blinking light. Than i hear the chime and the signal drops, solid white light. Anyone else experiencing these issues with the dash cam?

Any suggestions?

I am a not experiencing these issues. Can you please provide more information regarding the device that you’re using and the software that’s running on it (Android or iOS).

Also do you have any other devices and are they experiencing any issues?

I am using an iPhone XS, I have the back up camera/tire sensors & the dash cam also with the system.
iOS 12.1.2

Hello @Gfx_Herrera
The camera is in record mode when it’s not on Wi-Fi connection with your smartphone.
Wi-Fi after activated (click once on the button, Bluet Blinking Light) will automatically shuts itself down in two minutes if you are not operating it in ZUS app.
Constant White on the LED means it is in normal recording mode.

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Thank you for that, but I notice that when I open my zus app all my devices are highlighted except for the dash cam. I think that is not supposed to be like that correct?

No, that’s correct it only appears when your connected to it via WiFi