EzzySaver Dashboard Soon to Be Released in Version 6.5.0 Next Week

Follow the real-time driving dashboard data to develop good driving habits and increase fuel efficiency.

Looks interesting! Minor quibble, the correct spelling is “Brake” and not “Break” (unless there is some mysterious new part of a car that indicates less-than-complete working conditions…)

Is this optional? I would prefer to see the performance data instead. And, yes, “brake”, instead of “break”, please…

@Roger_M You could swipe left and right to switch between Pro Dashboard & EzzySaver Dashboard.

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Hi, ezzysaver debug panel appears in Chinese and unit of measurement not indicated. It will be cool to have warning notifying rev, speed and temp over limit. Keep up the good work!

Hi @adtel80 Kindly update to 6.5.2 and you won’t be bothered by the debug panel.
Thank you for pointing out.

Would be great if it will give a friendly warning alarm sound when it turns red.

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Hello @safrilriza
We will seriously consider that. Thank you.

Hi, Nonda Team. I am interested in the “Speeding” alert in the EzzySaver side. How does this work? Is there a piece of equipment that needs to be purchased, or is it a setting in the app somewhere?


You will need to purchase the Smart Vehicle Health Monitor to get this option on your dashboard

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Thank you so much @bobbysimonii!
Hello @kiwitoad1968, It’s related with the smart vehicle health monitor.