[Feature Request] Smart Vehicle Health Monitor - Tyre size config

Hi guys,

I have a Smart Vehicle Health Monitor (SVHM) in my 2014 Volvo S60 and love it. It works well with the tyre pressure sensors and smart USB/lighter plug.

My model has a few different wheel and tyre size options, and Volvo have told me that the different size rims I have are “within spec”

The wheel/tyre sizes in question are 235 40 19 and 235 40 18.

Anyone with access to a tyre size comparison website knows those 2 sizes have about 3.94% speed difference.

I consider this too much variance, especially considering the speedo reads high by a couple of percent even with the 19s. According to my GPS, on a flat, treeless road (ample in rural Australia) at 100 indicated, I’m doing 94 actual with the 18s.

My request is, please introduce a setting where I can input an offset to the speed obtained via the SVHM. This would allow the app to show the actual speed, rather than blindly grabbing the inaccurate speed from the car computer.

I believe this would also allow me to obtain more accurate weekly records concerning distance travelled and fuel used.

Thanks for listening.

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