Features disapeared after update app


here the deal
I use SVHM for over 2 years already
SVHM : TDA66 B201_2.X22B6
STSM : V0.21.0627
App Android : v6.9.4
Android v9

, I was so happy during one of the last updates to get new features

  • monitor the fuel level
  • odometer
    and other things

however, I had to uninstall and reinstall the apps on my Samsung j7 prime and here what happened
Coolant Temp
Engine Load %

are showing
I had like 30++ features and now only those four are there.

What happened, feeling a little bit angry about that
I care about the Fuel consumption and I waited so long to see it coming into the apps, and it just disappeared

Which screen are you talking about on the app? There are two possibilities where you can view data. One is what I call the “dashboard overview” with the car-like graphic in the background, and two swipes over (after the "driving habit"screen) is a customizable sensor view. In that you should be able to include the data you want to see.

I do speak about the up to 8 data dashboard
And it s where the customization get reduced to only 4 visible when before update i got a whole list of available

So, on that “8 data dashboard” screen, if you tap the cog-wheel symbol in the upper right corner, and then select “Data Configuration”, you have less options to choose from than before?

I have less option to choose than before

here what I had before (last block) don’t take the 2 first part (i took the picture from nonda forum)

any update about this

I wouldn’t hold my breath that you will get any reaction from Julieta. She spent a grand total of 12 minutes on this forum in the last 60 days, and I bet you the 12 minutes were spent at the beginning of the 60 days, not recently…

Maybe better ask customer support about this, or the devs (zus-dev@nonda.us).