Features Smart Vehicle Health Monitor [Request]

The product is really cool however here few features that I would be so pleased to see

    • Auto-Log feature (save to smartphone)
    • Customization of what is show [Show/Hide some metrics]

Adding the “Fuel” information
Fuel Type
PID 51

Engine Fuel Rate
Data Byte returned 2
Min 0 : Max 3276.75
Unit L/h : Formula (256 * A + B) / 20

Also Able to select 2 unit for this L/h or L/Km

Driving Time / Distance remaining : using previous measurement and vehicle speed. and additional
information as following (fuel tank)

Fuel Tank Level Input
Data Byte returned 1
Min 0
Max 100
Formula : 2.55 * A

Hope this will make it :slight_smile:

Hello @Yoann_Berthome Thank you so much for bringing the request upfront to us, much appreciated.
I will make sure this pass on to the dev team.

Best Regards,

any update ?

also when will the app got updated?

An auto-log feature is a necessity.
Fuel data would definitely be ideal to have, especially when monitoring drives, fuelling is a good parameter to analyse.
An update anytime soon?

it s been a while (like a year)

any update from dev team about the requests ?