First Installation - No Signal

Hi everybody,

today I’ve installed for the first time, but no signal detected.
Green lights on the receiver never active and no signal on the app.
I have applied the correct sequence on user manual for the installation, any suggestions?
Maybe the sensor’s batteries just low on a new product?

Thank you

Hello @Enrico_Maria_Carosi
Terribly sorry for the late reply.
It seems to me a low battery case.
One thing you could try is to re-insert the batteries first. If this doesn’t help, simply go for new batteries.
You could consult for further details.
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Suggestions to nonda: Don’t send expired and/or old batteries with your products, instead make the product a bit cheaper and let the customer get fresh batteries from the start. Otherwise the complaints will just increase that the battery life is not what you have advertised or device does not work at all.

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I purchased 3 units for my car. Installed 2 both no signal. probably dead batteries. cancelled my plan to buy the dash cam because of this experience.

Terribly sorry for the bad experience, I will ask our CS agent to get in touch for sending some remedies, do you mind they contact you via email directly? @Tristan_Reyes

Apparently this suggestion was not taken :frowning: I received my unit last week and 3 of 4 batteries were DOA, the 4th battery failed 2 days later. Not a good first impression.