Front and rear camera recording

I am looking to use the Zus Dashcam system to replace a faulty previous dash cam.
I want recording of the video from both front and back cameras. Do I have to buy two dash cams to achieve this.
If I have two dash cams, can I view these on the same phone for controlling? i.e. Can I have two dash cams registered on the one phone?
(Just to clarify - I don’t need a “reversing camera” function because I have that installed in my car as standard)

Thanks for your help.

You will need two camera to have front and rear. As for registering with the ZUS app, I’m not sure.

That’s totally reasonable and can be achieved within ZUS app.
The wifi names of each individual Dash Cam are different. You can differentiate the two cams easily by their own SSID/Wi-Fi names. The only thing you need to do differently than other users is to create two car profiles and add the two cams separately. You could also name the two cars with names like Front Cam and Back Cam so to easily differentiate.
If you have more issues/concerns, feel free to let me know.
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Obviously, it hasn’t been thought of because to have to create two separate profiles just doesn’t cut it. I think the suggestion should be accommodated in the app.

I have installed two ZUS Smart Dash Cams in my work (government) vehicle (front & rear) for my own protection. I found creating two vehicles profiles not that big of a deal and completely reasonable given the fact that it is a DASH cam…

What is actually unreasonable is to expect a DASH cam manufacture to modify their app so you can use their product in a manner other than its originally intended purpose.