Galvanic corrosion: what metal is in the thread inside Zus TPMS?

Hello, I would like to know the composition of the metal used for the threads of the Zus TPMS caps. Will it be resistant to galvanic corrosion? Most valve cores are either nickel-plated or brass valve. According to Tire Rack, “nickel-plated valve cores must be used in the aluminum valve stems of tire pressure monitoring sensors because using a standard brass valve core in an aluminum tire pressure sensor valve stem will experience galvanic corrosion and the brass valve core will eventually seize in the valve’s aluminum barrel”.

Although this is regarding iTDMS systems built into modern vehicles, the same metallurgical conditions exist if dissimilar/incompatible metals are threaded, as the Zus dTPMS caps are to the Tire stem valve. I’d like to avoid permanently mating the Zus TPMS to my tire stem valves. Please let me know if Zus has accounted for this condition, and what valve core metals I should avoid installing Zus TPMS caps onto.

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It’s aluminum alloy. However the situation you worried will not happen on ZUS STSM.

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So, if I understand your response correctly, the aluminum alloy of the threads in the Zus TPMS caps is designed to resist galvanic corrosion when used with Brass valve stems, such as mine?

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Mine have corroded, see attached photo. You can see pitting. The corrosion is so bad that the Sensors were stuck to the Tire Valve Stems of my vehicle. I had to use pliers to successfully unscrew them.

Communicated this to Nonda Customer Support.

Mine have done what you thought they would do , I note the forum Admin claim this could never happen well it has and the proof is building and this poster MDS was warning about it …please see my link below … TPMS Sensors corroded after short Use Now not fit for purpose.