Having difficulty reaching Nonda Customer Support

Been a happy customer of 2 ZUS chargers for 1.5 months. All of the sudden both units stop working. I then reached out to the customer support thru the website and unfortunately have not gotten any feedback for a week.

My question to ZUS owner is that how long does it usually take for customer support to get back to you on your request. A week without any reply is somewhat unacceptable for me. WIthout that said, I just wanted to make sure I appropriately set my expectation.

@Carlson_Choi I am very sorry for the inconvenience this has been causing you. We also find this issue, and we have informed Customer Support to get this issue resolved.
The average time to first response of Customer Support is approximately 2 hours, but there will be 8 hours gap due to the change shifts. So we might have omitted some App tickets.
Again, sorry for the trouble.

So How do I go about getting my issue resolve? Is customer support going to find my ticket and get back with me? Thank you.

Yea CS team will definitely get in touch with you.

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Thank you.

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The CS team connected with me today and got two replacement ZUS on the way to me. Thank you for you help.

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Nice! We will do our best to get your issue resolve!:grin:

Luckily I haven’t had any serious problems with mine, but when I was having connection problems after a upgrade, I did get a quick response after submitting a support request through the app.
Not sure what exactly I’m trying to say, maybe there are different support teams. Maybe it’s just luck of the draw who your email gets sent to.

My experience with customer service was very pleasant. For a startup, I was pretty shocked with how promptly Nonda replied to my issue. I would never expect support like that.

Try to contact them again. I don’t know if they will do anything for you but try again and explain the situation with backing documentation.

The CS team got back and took care of my issue. The replacement units arrived yesterday. Back to a happy zus owner. :smile:

Can someone please get back to me having issues with two of your product just bought phone number 413-329-5117

did anyone ever get back to you? im on 4 days without any response on here, email or social media

Worst customer experience I’ve ever had. Ordered replacement sensors back in early december. They were shipped to Florida I’m in LA. Tons of back and forth and they finally decide to ship me another set. Now the tracking says the package is going to Rhode Island.

They really can’t get their s@@t together

Hello @John_Se

Terribly sorry for what you have experienced.
Head of the customer service team is working on your case and will follow up until you are satisfied.
If you have other inquiries feel free to discuss with community members here.

Best Regards,
User Community Manager

Bonjour, voilà plus d’un moi que j’attends mon colis, et que le service client me fait patienté pour rien… Le colis n’est jamais arrivé et j’ai payé un produit Zus pour rien… L’équipe semble incapable de faire quoi que ce sois. Ça ressemble beaucoup à une arnaque ! Toujours dans l’attente de ma commande et extrement déçu de mon expérience!