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We’re excited to present to you our newest creation - AIKO Smart Key Finder. We’ve been working on the product for the last couple of months and now we finally have beta samples available for testing.

AIKO beta testing is currently open to our a-Fans members through an invitation only application process. We are looking for honest product feedback to help us improve the product and make it ready for launch.

We’re decided to do something very different this time by inviting our beta testers into our nonda community forum to voice their product feedback.

We hope that this will provide an awesome and rewarding opportunity for our a-Fans members to engage with other like-minded individuals who enjoy playing with the latest gadgets and trying out new stuff.

What is AIKO?

AIKO is our newest key finder. With AIKO, you can find your most treasured items like your keys, phone, and even your luggage while you’re traveling is now easy.

Attach AIKO to your valuables and find them with an easy-to-use app. A smartphone with Android 4.3 or newer or iOS 7.1 or newer is required in order to use the product.

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How to apply for Aiko beta program?

You need to post the answers of the following questions:

  1. What interests you about AIKO?
  2. Describe a time you lost an item. What was it and how did you find it again if applicable?
    Your post must have a title like Application for AIKO - Your name.

This key finder is exactly what I want!

:blush: Glad you like it!

HOW CAN I GET AN AIKO? I am an A-fan, but didn’t see it when I tried to log in there. Is the A-fan program dead? Keep me posted! I’d love to be a tester! My iHere is muy best friend and has saved me a thousand times!

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  1. I like the design of the AIKO. I have tried similar products and am currently using a few tiles. I am looking for something with a sleeker design.
  2. I would lose my keys all of the time. It was annoying and I would lose time but one story sticks out. I once lost my keys while running in the mountains in Colorado. A nice 8 mile trail run is great. Going back uphill at dusk to look for your keys when there are mountain lions and other dangers is not so great. Couldn’t find them that night. Had to go back the next day. That is when I started looking at key finders.

Application for AIKO - Frank S
I have both the Zus and iHear, both are excellent products, and am looking for a smaller from factor, possibly something slimmer. I regularly misplace my phone around the house. When I’m home alone I have no way to “call myself.” So it’s the perfect application.

Really cool stuff!

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Glad U like it! :relaxed:

I’ve done this and it hasn’t told me I’ve applied!

But you‘ve already applied.:slight_smile:

You need to post the answers of the following questions:

  1. What interests you about AIKO?
    Cool company with a great concept for products. I want to be able to keep track of keys as I have had the horrible trouble of locking myself out of my house.

  2. Describe a time you lost an item. What was it and how did you find it again if applicable?
    I left my keys behind and ultimately locked myself out of my apartment. It was horrible as I had to wait for my girlfriend to come home 2 hours later. I did eventually find my keys again, but what a pain!!

Application for AIKO - Jeffrey Brayer.

@Jeff_Brayer Please submit your application here :slight_smile:

I am a person who forgets where I’ve put my keys on a regular basis. I can not only lose them at an arm’s length when I’m sitting at my desk, but also when I’ve been travening and put them in a “safe” placce. So, keys are my primary reason for being interestea in AIKO. I have had the occasional luggage issue, but so far, it has only been delayed unloading. I do find it interesting to try the AIKO on luggage though.

AIKO is a magical crystal ball. find anything.

I am interested in the AIKO because from time-to-time (increasingly it seems as I get older) I put my keys down and have to scramble in a near-panic to find them! I have tried several other devices but find them too inexact to really help - I know the keys are at homer, for example - the question is "WHERE in my home are they>"
My experience with ZUS has been so positive that I trust that this new device will be the best available technology. I simpply love the way ZUS stays in touch with users and continues to modify the device based on user feedback - If only more consumer products were this responsive!
In any event - it sounds like the AIKO would be a welcome addition to my keyring!