HELP! Purchased dashcam on eBay, cannot activate

Hello everyone, this is my first ZUS/NONDA product. I purchased a dashcam on eBay and it had already been used, as a result, I cannot activate it. I get a message saying that it is lined to another account and that that person must first remove it from their account. The eBay seller has not been cooperative and I’ve selected the option that says “send notification” to the previous owner but no luck. Any way to bypass this? Can ZUS/Nonda do anything directly?

I think you have to contact customer service ( for this. They can help you and reset the account associated to the dash cam.


Thanks for the tip I’ll drop them an email!

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and if that fails.
You can claim refund on eBay for Defective device/Not as described, and seller must take the return back. :slight_smile:

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