History of drive monitor

Is the feature of reviewing the history of drive monitor available int he app? I’ve tried navigating around the app, and only found real time monitoring of the drive, but have not been able to review on the drive monitor history. Kindly advice if such feature is available, or will it be included in the near future release.

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Hello thomas,
Thank you for asking. Currently there’s no place in the APP that allows user to access the history data provided by Smart Vehicle Health Monitor, however, we will make this happen in the future release.

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Hi Julieta,

I would be very interested in this to be available soon, it would be a feature that sets the SVHM apart from other OBD monitors (some of which already log vehicle data history)


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Actually, there is at least one other OBD monitor that does provide access to historical data.

And, in fact, I find it much better that the SVHM to be honest.

SVHM has, so far, been a disappointment to me. The mileage feature is not working properly at all for me - and that’s the one thing that is currently available as historical data.

For instance - the last two trips I have logged were between my work and my home. In both cases, the start point was incorrect - even though the parking position had been recorded prior to the commencement of my journey. One trip reported as around 25km - that would be wrong - it’s actually 42kms. The other trip was reported as 260kms! Completely useless.

The other OBD device I have works beautifully and records much more which can be reviewed at any time later and is logged to the cloud. Nonda have a lot of catching up to do.

Oh? Does this device have a name or you are gonna shroud us in mystery?

I think Nonda has come far from launching ground up.
To me it is still a small company who is competing against a load of clone obd market.

I am curious to your claim about cloud logging. Since no OBD device does that, your device may I presume, but no OBD that I have ever known of…
I am very much interested. :slight_smile:

That here would be one: https://automatic.com

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I was a being a little careful here - I kinda thought maybe Nonda wouldn’t appreciate me posting the actual name of said device here.

I’d really like the Zus to be improved. I do really like the slick interface and I also have the tyre monitor so I appreciate the integration between the two devices. I was actually planning on getting most of the rest of the family too - but the OBD monitor has put me off the idea a bit TBH.

The other device I have used is from GoFar. I’d really like the Zus to be comparable to that device so that I could enjoy the integration that Zus brings with all its devices. I hope Nonda have a look at what else is out there and expand the capability of the Health Monitor to be more competitive (and certainly more accurate with it’s trip logging).

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@Shak - oh yeah - and forgot to mention - it uses your mobile phone for the cloud features.

Some my not like this, of course. Privacy and all that. Doesn’t worry me though - nothing to hide here. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @roland.mettler

And @Greg_Nangle I was totally not calling you out or anything lol I just read my comment, it sounded slightly edgy. Apologize.

No I was just curious because I like testing new gadgets and also prefer to understand what features one has over another.

I do like Nonda as a whole because they do everything, but sometimes I do feel they spread themselves a little thin because of it.

I think the original launch was good. The Dash Cam is so-so like I use Blackvue, you can’t beat blackvue camera, Cloud access and all. Too epic.

Nonda really needs to merge their app, my key finder is still a separate app. Pity. shrug

Thanks for the site, I am gonna reach up on it.

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