How can I reset My ZUS charger

Hello, I synchronize my ZUS charger with a Device.
I don’t want to use this device anymore and I want to synchronize with another.
How can I reset this ZUS ?

Go to ZUS app, “Settings” -" Remove". Then your ZUS will be reset.

Reset is not an option.

@Gary_Radwanski Hi there,

Are you having trouble “removing” the charger from a device?
Let me know if there’s something that I can help with.

Best Regards,

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No. I need to pair it with a new phone but I do not have access to the original phone with which it was originally paired.

Hi @Gary_Radwanski Will have dev team check the problem and feedback to you ASAP.

Well, if they can’t figure out how to reset it on your end, maybe you should consider replacing it. People lose phones all the time, I find it a little perplexing that your design engineers haven’t got a contingency plan for this.

Please advise.

Gary Radwanski
(847) 772-9867

@Gary_Radwanski agree with that people loose phones all the time. Your opinion is really valuable and I do believe our dev team has some contingency plan for this kind of situation.
Sorry for all the inconvenience this has brought you, will have your problem solved within 24 hrs. You have my words!
All the best,


I have the same problem with mine

@aaronjohnson1326 Have you recently changed your mobile device? Do you still remember your login email for ZUS APP? If so, you could retrieve the password by yourself.
Let me know if this works for you.
Thank you.

Every time I try to pair with it, it says it’s already in use

Hi @aaronjohnson1326 does any of your friend or family has ever used the device before? If so maybe it’s taken by him/her. Please kindly ask him/her to remove the device from the account.

I have the same problem…so frustrating

Hi @hdelgado71 Can I know more details as how you cannot pair ZUS with your new mobile device?
Did you forget the original login account?
Have you rent your device to anyone else?
Please let me know more details so I can provide more troubleshooting tips.
Thank you.

Maybe they can figure out a way to put a small reset button on some of the newer models so that it would be very easy to put device back to factory defaults. This way there would be no need to figure out prior login credentials. It can even be just a small hole that you stick a needle in to depress a reset button so there is no exterior button showing. I don’t know how hard it would be to do this but it’s just an idea😉

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The app continues to say that it is registered to another user…I have a new phone and no it is not working…the email address I remember is…can you just reset it completely and let me start all over …this has been a problem for about a year now…I am ready to toss it in the garbage

Hi @hdelgado71 We just figured out your case. Please try again and let me know if it works for you.

I am also having this problem for quite some time

Keeps saying will send original owner “me” a request, but I never get any

This has now become a glorified usb charger

Don’t understand why I can’t connect just because I changed phones but still kept same phone number

Makes no sense :frowning:

OK, with more searching I was able to find out that it was not registered through facebook but through my personnel email
When I got my new phone and opened the app I logged in through Facebook
But what I do not understand, why did I never get an email asking me to unregistered the ZUS from the account.
I checked my junk mail as well and never received an email, had I received one I would have realized the problem

Hi @ccmusic Thank you for your feedback, in regard with the email error I will communicate with our APP PM and get back to you ASAP.
Again, thank you for choosing ZUS charger!
Anything else you’d like to review/comment on, feel free to contact me here.

Best Regards,