How much battery Vehicle Health Monitor consume


I notice that even when my car is off, the vehicle health monitor’s LED is still on. May I know how much battery it is consuming in the background? Should I plug it off until next time I drive?


Bluetooth is lower power tech. If the OBD monitor is continuously scanning for the App, then power consumption goes up significantly. Assuming that it does not do that, you should be fine if you drive your car regularly.

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Hi Vicker
This question is also raised by another user the other day and I have confirmed with the hardware engineer that there’s one special sensor within the unit and when does no connection with the app and no obvious vibration, the unit will be turned into sleep mode and that consumes almost no battery.

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Thank you @up4reviews

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But that is exactly the point I have been making, the 3 white dots flash indefinitely overnight, which means it is in pairing mode, aka. continuously scanning for the app/device no?
Wouldn’t the voltage drop because of this?

Glad you remember my post :stuck_out_tongue:
I have not seen it go into sleep mode, at all.
Since I am a smoker, every once in a while I go out for a smoke. Through my car window I can see it flashing the same constant 3 white lights. In the same tempo as well. Roughly, I have thus far seen this happen for at least 9 hours continuously straight.

The reason I have asked about power consumption draw is because if the car is left parked for 2 or 3+ days, will it kill the battery or drop the voltage down to lower than the starter voltage requirement?

If it goes in to sleep mode, great. But I don’t want to take a chance for my car being parked for few days (if I am driving my other car) for the battery to drop below it’s voltage mark, which will damage my high capacity battery, which is a more expensive investment than SVHM…

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Thanks @Julieta.

Can you also confirm how can we determine whether it is in sleep mode? I got some similar observations like @Shak, and I believe sleep mode should not have those LEDs on.

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I would also want to know about this, as last Sunday, I left the OBD plugged into my 2006 BMW 325i overnight and in the morning, I got a warning on my dash saying significant battery drain and could barely start up the car. After that incident, I start to unplug the OBD after my drive and plug it back in when I get in the car; which is sure annoying to do.

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Plugging and unplugging will make your pins wear out over time. They are not meant to be unplugged every night.
They don’t have the endurance for everyday use - It is a diagnostic connector for mechanics, where it is used every once in a while when you go in for oil change or other issues.

That’s why the battery drain / lack of true sleep mode is concerning.
I hope they have a way to push firmware update to this little guy through the app, so it turns on after car is fired up.

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I left the device in the ODB port overnight and the next day, I could not start my car. The battery is dead.


Hi @peter2 May I know your car make? your login account to zus app? if you feel it’s a bit of privacy info, you could send me a private message or email to me directly.

Hi everyone, I don’t have the Vehicle Health Monitor but someone who has can easily measure the consumption without disconnecting the car battery using a cheep and reliable clamp meter like this

I measured my ZUS smart charger and Tire pressure monitor both connected and 3 lights blinking.

1 . My car consumes (10 minutes after closing the last door it shuts down most of the electric modules) about 70 mA of current.
2. When I plug both ZUS charger and TPMS - the consumption ii rising to 115 - 120 mA
3. So both ZUS devices add 45 - 50 mA to the power load.
4. My car’s power sockets are always live so I unplug the ZUS devices when I park the car. If I forgot to unplug them - no big deal, If the car stays parked for a day or two.

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Am not sure if this is the right thread to post my question. Will the health check monitor track the car battery as well?

Oddly enough. No. @Karthik_Yellaram

@Zhivko_Nikolov I gotta do what you are saying… run a test for a few days and track it…
Only way to be sure, especially after the few snow days we have had.

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Hi Peter / all,

I have found the same. I have suffered several totally dead batteries in the mornings and finally took it to an auto-electrical specialist today (my battery went from fully charged to unable to start the car in 36hrs). They confirmed that my battery and alternator were working just fine. It was only afterwards when I was “wowing” them with the ZUS app (I have the health monitor, battery monitor and tyre sensors) that they mentioned that the module plugged into my OBD II port, being Bluetooth, would continually search for connection to my phone, even after the engine is turned off. This is made worse because my bedroom is the other side of the wall from where my car is parked, so my phone is likely maintaining a connection.
Disabling Bluetooth is not an option as it connects to my watch and other home devices.

I have sent in an email to the address listed on this forum ( and hopefully will see a fix.

I’d like to add my voice to this issue. I plugged in my SVHM for the first time last weekend, and then on Monday drove to Center Parcs. The car sat unused in the car park for a little more than four days (let’s call it 100 hours), and the battery was utterly dead! Nothing else was on in the car, and the power socket (cigarette lighter socket) has no power when the engine’s off. The only device drawing any current was the SVHM.

2012 Nissan Qashqai, recently passed its MOT test (compulsory annual test here in the UK, which includes checking the battery’s health).

I’ve been very happy with my smart car charger and smart tyre safety monitor, which I’ve been using since each of their Indiegogo campaigns wrapped up, so when this one was suddenly announced I immediately bought it. No thought necessary. But as it is right now, I can’t use it. And I think most people are going to come up against the same problem eventually.

Hi @ams So sorry to hear that. I will follow up with you regarding your case.

Any news on if there’s any update to the device? Out of the whole smart car package I bought from indiegogo, the vehicle health monitor obd is the only device I don’t use, as like others are mentioning, battery drain is the main issue.

Hi, the battery on my Land Rover LR2 has gone dead 3 times when having the Health Monitor plugged into the ODB port. I had the charging system and battery load tested before realizing the problem was with the monitor. The charging/electrical system was working perfectly. That’s when I started looking for another issue. I didn’t think the monitor could draw enough to cause the battery to die. I was suspecting a light staying on etc., but couldn’t find anything. I unplugged the monitor and my battery has not gone dead since. Please note that the battery went dead if I hadn’t driven the vehicle for a couple of days. If I drove it daily, it charged it enough to start the next day, although sometimes it was slow turning over. I hope there is an update coming that will put the monitor to sleep properly so I can use the device. I don’t want to have to plug and unplug it every time I drive. Kinda defeats the purpose. As it is now, I will likely only use it when I go on longer trips.

I have the health monitor and I don’t keep it plugged in for fear of it killing my battery. Gonna only use it to scan and clear codes, which I have already done or plug it in when am driving on long trips. Hopefully you guys can do some kind of app update to fix for people having these problems.

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As with others, I found my battery going dead, so I leave it unplugged. Another possible short-term solution until they possibly fix the issue: They make OBD extension cables with on/off switches. I picked one up, but haven’t found a good place to put it yet. It does work, though, and is a pretty cheap solution. Plus it avoids possible damage to your port by constantly plugging/unplugging things. You’d just have a cheap cable wear out rather than your port.