I have the 1.0 version of the ZUS connector and like your products.
I donated to your product on Indiegogo. Below in my Contribution ID and Info. I see your Items for sale on Amazon and your website.
I however have Never received my Perks that have been paid for. I would still like to get the Perks I Ordered and Paid for, without paying
AGAIN. I have sent emails to the Indiegogo Campaign page with ZERO Response. Can you advise on how to get my Perks from them,
or send Them from here?
Contribution ID
Contribution Date
September 24, 2017
Selected Perk:
Specialty Starter Pack: $159.00
Get two safety products for 10% OFF. Get one Smart Vehicle Health Monitor. Then choose between one Smart Backup Camera
or one Smart Tire Safety Monitor. Free Global Shipping.
Estimated Delivery Date: November 2017
Included Items:
1 x Smart Tire Safety Monitor
1 x Smart Vehicle Health Monitor
Very Respectfully,
Jason Newcomb

Hello @jnuke8031
I’ll find this out and get back to you ASAP.
Sorry for all the inconvenience.

We’ve found that the order was shipped merely two days ago. It is a big system glitch and we are truly sorry for that.
I’ll manage to send you a coupon for remedy via your email.
Sorry again.
Best Regards,