Invalid email

I have two accounts her on this forum. I could login to both accounts, because the data is saved in a cookie. After removing the cookie I can only login with the email address of this account.

Question How can I remove the second account, and change this account using the other accounts password? The second account is used in the ZUS-app.

Second question: Why save username and password in a cookie? Especially since I don’t have an option to refuse this (except removing the cookie).

I can login with the second account using another browser (Safari Technology Preview).

How can I remove this account?

Already tried to change the password, but I am not getting the mail to confirm. This has probably to do with my domain ending on .rocks, which you probably don’t support.

In this case I don’t understand why you check emaildomains, since if the domain isn’t valid the mail would not be received. It just not necessary to check domains if you ask for confirmation thru email.

Oops, the change was done for nonda5 (second account), not Henk Puister (first account)