[iOS] ZUS app 2.1.3 is live on App Store!

The ZUS App has been updated to V2.1.3 for iPhone. This build contains a number of bug fixes, updates and feature enhancements. You can download it at through the App Store.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade ZUS app and give us feedback!

How to do?
Answer the following questions and reply to this thread.

How do you feel about this update? Satisfied, so-so or disappointed?

What is your favorite change in this update? Is there anything you dislike?

Highlights of these notable changes

· New Feature: Set "Do Not Disturb Zones” to stop receiving notifications to set a parking timer alert when you park in designated areas such as near your home or office.

· New Feature: Car Battery Analyzer. We launched this new feature to help our users gain insight into the health condition of their car battery. After turning on your car’s engine, you can click on the ZUS app’s home screen where it says "ZUS is connected“ to see your car’s real time voltage change. Go to Settings and you can see your car battery’s voltage history in the last 30 days.

· Improved notification under “While using the app” option and manual GPS location setting.
· Improved parking location algorithm.

If you find new issues, please let us know. We want your feedback about new version — really, we need it. Your feedback will be particularly crucial for rolling new features.

Attach screenshots or photos to describe the issues, if necessary.

Thank You for Your precious feedback!

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I also have an Android phone a Galaxy Note 4 and it doesn’t seem to save the location to well, it ether reads "Due to weak GPS signal in Parking area, location saved maybe inaccurate.Please note your car is in the same direction as Radian.

Hi @Willow_Wilson have you updated to the latest 2.0.7 version for Android?

App Store has a bug which you can troubleshoot with the support team of the developers of https://uaetechnician.ae/samsung-service-centre