Is there a way to access the TPMS data?

One problem with reviewing the data is that the Zus app doesn’t rotate to landscape, but that doesn’t really address my need to analyze my own data. Is there a way to access the TPMS data, like a web portal or export as CSV from app? If not, there needs to be, much like I can with the SensorPush products.


Thank you so much @mds will consider that as a feature to be added.

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What does it mean? Is it possible to get a csv- file from the app v6.0.1 or from the web-browser somehow? This would be very helpful for me to see the pressure and temperature behaviour in relation to time. Thanks in advance for leaving a short-term note.

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Hi @hansschel Thank you for mentioning this, however, it’s not added to the APP yet.

I agree, having a way to export ANY data to analyze would be super helpful.

Battery history as well.

I’d love too to see the raw export data.

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@nated @Vv_Kk Thank you so much, however, we will be focusing on optimization on major features and will consider the data export function in the future!

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yep, completely agree with you, that would be amazing.
thanks Julieta for everything!

I agree a way to export the data or to access the data via web would be amazing!