Key-less entry range loss

Has anyone had this problem or know a fix? I bought my smart health monitor and installed it in to the car service port, ever since then the range for my wireless remote for my car dropped from 40 ft to 1 ft. if i remove the dongle from the port i get my range back.

Hello @Brett_Freyer
May I know your car make?
Up to now, we’ve only received one ticket that’s similar to your case and it would be very kind of you if you can share your car info with us.
If you are not satisfied with the unit I could forward your case to Customer Service for the follow-up.

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my car make is a 2011 ford fusion se.

You said that you had have received a ticket for this before do you happen to know the outcome? Was it the car or the unit that was causing the issue?

how do i go about opening a ticket to get this issue fixed?

Sorry for not updating on the status, I’ve forwarded your case and agents will follow up with it.
Thank you for your patience.

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I have also experienced this issue, 2019 Ford Fiesta
Although I quite prefer it, as it reduces the likelihood of my vehicle being stolen, would be good to know what is inhibiting the keyless range