Landscape mode on mobilephones

I read from the earlier threads that landscape mode is not yet available. Are there any plans to include this feature in the upcoming release? Most mobile user should be using their mobile in landscape mode when the mobile phone is placed on the dashboard. Hopefully this will be one of the key feature coming soon.

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Hello Thomas,
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If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know.

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Using the backup camera. Can you please allow the landscape icon to flip opposite way. I cannot mount my phone in the direction the backup camera landscape is. So, the picture is upside down for me. Thank you.

Any news about adding landscape mode to the app? It will be very useful addition.
I have an android car stereo in my car and the app appears on my landscape screen too small.

I too vote on this

@geokanakis21 @Vv_Kk Finally I can say the “landscape view” is just around the corner!

Probably next week or so.

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It only landscapes in one direction. I need it to landscape in other direction. It’s upside down for me. Please help

Are you running on Android or iOS? I currently have the app installed on my Android phone (Note 8; Android 8.0) with the latest version of the Zus app.

I am able to rotate my phone both ways without issues. (Top of the phone turned to the left and top of the phone turned to the right)

Oh. I have iPhone X

What you have on Android is what I need. I will double check on my iPhone X. Will make sure I have latest Zus app.

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Lately there seems to be a lot of iOS issues with the application so I’m wondering if they are able to get the bugs resolved. I’ve been having no issues using their products on my Android phone. @Julieta

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Hello Merlynda,
Wondering if you have blocked the screen rotation? If so, please unblock it and rotate your phone to the position your want. ZUS app will adapt automatically with the phone’s orientation.
Feel free to contact more, if this doesn’t solve your case.
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ZUS Team

Thank you @bobbysimonii for all your support!! I will ask product manager check on all the iOS issues.

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