Hello! Just trying to see how long does it take to get a shipping confirmation for the masks? We need them for work. I got the confirmation that we paid but; not that it’s been received or shipped.

Thank you.

First, please be aware that this here is a user forum… So all info you get here is just experience from other users.

That said, in my case it took 5 days until the shipping confirmation arrived in my inbox. Then the package was detained at customs for 5 days when it arrived in my country, because the sender forgot to put an invoice on the package… As soon as you get the shipping confirmation and tracking number, watch that thing closely. If it says that DHL will try to contact you because something is missing, call DHL yourself. DHL never called me in the 5 days it was held at customs. Without intervention it most likely would have been sent back to the sender.

For those who have gotten masks, what has the quality been like?

As expected actually, three-layer masks is what I ordered, and it’s what I got. Can’t see a difference to the masks normally available here in Japan from a local manufacturer.

And they all came individually wrapped?

10 packs à 20 masks. Inside the pack no individual wrapping.

Hmmm… so not what they advertised…

huh? Only thing I can see is “[$0.368/Piece, 20 Pieces/Pack, 10 Packs]”. What’s wrong with that description?

To clarify: They came shipped as 10 packs, in one pack are 20 masks. The packs(!) are vacuum sealed, but INSIDE the packs, the masks are not individually wrapped again.

This is actually exactly how it is described in detail here:

Picture from that page:

Ahh, okay. When I read, “separate sealed packaging” I assumed that meant each mask was in a separate sealed package.

i have not received my mask. Nonda said it’s been delayed. They have to relocate the mask to HK DHL from Shanghai DHL, and it usually took 2 to 4 days then i should receive a confirmation or tracking. I got the email on 4/16, since then I have not received any tracking or update. just emailed Nonda and see what is going on with the order.

I ordered the mask before, no problem. my shipment is packed in 50/pack.

I think it’d be cool if they made more clear that the masks are not individually wrapped. I was going to buy them specifically to give out to people who do not have masks… but obviously that won’t work if they aren’t wrapped.

The masks are not what is on their site.
The 3M masks are over ear and not over head which are the better ones.
And lastly the foam insert under the nose on the inside of the mask isn’t there.
Take care when ordering as also may not be genuine. (the QR code on the packaging doesn’t work)

Did you tell Nonda about this? If yes, what was their reaction?

I also just received a 3M package ordered 5/16. Quick delivery but also confirmed above it is earloop not headband as described. I was disappointed and yes, I did advise Nonda. I am still waiting to hear back. Just a note I did some research on the 3M site. Model 9501+ (which is what was delivered) is an earloop mask design. Model 9502+ is the headband mask design.